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The Stream, August 23, 2019: WHO Says Microplastics in Drinking Water Not a Health Risk

The Global Rundown A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) finds that microplastics in drinking water aren’t necessarily a cause for concern for human health. The U.S. Trump administration allegedly moves to hides a report detailing the dangers to California salmon if more water is pumped to farmers in the San Joaquin Valley. A […]

The Stream, August 22, 2019: California Approves $1.3bn Clean Drinking Water Initiative

The Global Rundown The California State Water Resources Control Board approves a $1.3 billion clean drinking water fund. A new report finds that a few big irrigators have taken a majority of water extracted from Australia’s Barwon-Darling river system in recent years. Flint, Michigan, is in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act after failing […]

The Steam, August 21, 2019: Wildfires Blaze in Drought-Hit Alaska

The Global Rundown Wildfires strike parched areas of Alaska. The National Olympic Committee says they are confident that organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics can fix lingering water quality issues. Drought cuts palm oil production in Indonesia. Residents of Newark, New Jersey, where lead is polluting some household drinking water, say that their water has […]

The Stream, August 20, 2019: India Using Water as a Weapon of War, Pakistan Says

The Global Rundown Pakistan accuses India of using water as a weapon amid conflict over the Kashmir region. Records show that Detroit, Michigan, has shut off water at nearly 12,000 homes this year. Steady rainfall finally reaches Chennai, India. Drought-stricken Zambia says it will not “beg” for aid. Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico will face their […]

HotSpots H2O: Drought and Unrest Push Residents Out of Central America’s Dry Corridor

Residents of Central America’s Dry Corridor are at a crossroads: stay in the drought-stricken region, where food insecurity and violence are rampant, or migrate.

The Stream, August 16, 2019: Microplastics Reach Remote Arctic Waters

The Global Rundown Microplastics are found in remote Arctic ice. A UN report finds that some families in the “Dry Corridor” of Central America plan to migrate due to drought. Newark, New Jersey, halts bottled water distribution after some bottles are found to be expired. Warmer winters are altering the composition of the Black Sea, […]

The Stream, August 15, 2019: Multi-Year Snow Droughts Could Be New Normal for Western United States

The Global Rundown Scientists warn that “snow droughts” will become more common in the western United States. Human rights groups warn that a proposed hydroelectricity project in Myanmar could displace thousands. The death toll from monsoon flooding in India rises to 270. Water at several hundred beaches in Massachusetts tests positive for hazardous levels of […]

The Stream, August 14, 2019: Singapore Seeks Water Independence from Malaysia

The Global Rundown Singapore looks for ways to boost their water independence and decrease reliance of Malaysian imports. Flooding strikes Karachi and other parts of Pakistan, leaving 17 people dead. Costs mount to restore the flooded Midwestern United States. High water levels force road closures and other issues across Michigan. Researchers in Colorado use drones […]

The Stream, August 13, 2019: Newark, New Jersey, Plans to Distribute Bottled Water as Lead Contamination Persists

The Global Rundown Newark, New Jersey, says it will distribute bottled water after filters fail to protect homes from lead contamination. Sydney, Australia, prepares to expand its desalination capacity. Typhoon Lekima leaves at least 32 people dead in eastern China. The U.S. Trump administration introduces a proposal that would restrict states’ ability to block pipelines […]

HotSpots H2O: Nine Million People in South Sudan Do Not Have Enough Food

Extreme food insecurity is affecting 9 million people in South Sudan, and thousands are at risk of famine. Severe food shortages are due to years of conflict coupled with cyclical drought. 

The Stream, August 9, 2019: Toxic Algae Blooms Becoming More Common Across the United States

The Global Rundown Toxic algae blooms plague lakes and rivers across the United States. Despite the recent end of the rainy season, more than a million people in Kenya face drought. Several U.S. Great Lakes reach all-time high water levels for July. Monsoon rains in India revive soybean and peanut crops, but also cause deadly […]

The Stream, August 8, 2019: Drought and Pests Kill Swathes of German Forests

The Global Rundown Huge swathes of German forests are struck by drought and pests. A dam project in Lebanon, funded by the World Bank, sparks controversy and environmental concerns. The United Nations bumps its Zimbabwe aid appeal to $331.5 million. Researchers explores the impact of the Pacific Ocean on drought in the southwestern United States. A […]