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The Stream, June 19: India Faces “Worst-Ever” Water Crisis as 600 Million Experience Shortages

The Global Rundown India is in the midst of its “worst-ever” water crisis, according to a report by a government think-tank. A magnitude 6.1 earthquake hits Japan, killing three and bursting water mains. Michigan considers loosening its rigid ballast water discharge rules for the Great Lakes. A new study predicts that more than 300,000 coastal […]

The Stream, June 14: Nairobi, Kenya, Seeks New Water Sources as Supply Falls

The Global Rundown Nairobi, Kenya, seeks new water sources amid faltering rainfall. The mayor of Flint, Michigan, pledges to fight “unwarranted” state oversight of the city’s water system. South Africa lifts its drought national disaster as dry conditions ease. New research shows that annual storm-related flood damages could double as coral reefs die off. Water […]

The Stream, June 12: Egypt and Ethiopia Agree to Settle Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Dispute

The Global Rundown Egypt and Ethiopia vow to settle their disagreements over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Steady rains continue to ease drought in Cape Town, South Africa. A U.S. crop report finds improved moisture conditions from North Dakota to Ohio. India and China resolve their dispute over sharing data on the Brahmaputra and Sutlej […]

HotSpots H2O, June 11: Over 200,000 Rohingya Refugees At Risk from Monsoon Flooding, Landslides

The Rundown Nearly 1 million refugees fled Myanmar in the last 10 months in the wake of violent and gruesome attacks against the Rohingya Muslim minority. Most settled in Cox’s Bazaar, a now-overcrowded district of neighboring Bangladesh. As refugees poured in, shelters and other infrastructure were hastily constructed out of ramshackle materials. Now, the Rohingya […]

The Stream, June 8: Researchers Find Plastic Pollution in Antarctic Snow and Ice Samples

The Global Rundown Researchers find microplastics and hazardous chemicals in snow and ice samples taken from Antarctica. The Red Cross pulls 71 staff members out of Yemen amid security concerns, disrupting water, food, and surgical aid. Thames Water plans to pay £65 million ($87 million) to customers after failing to curb excessive leakage. Phoenix, Arizona, […]

The Stream, June 6: As Tigris River Falls, Turkey Assures Iraq That Ilisu Dam Won’t Cut Off Water Supply

The Global Rundown As Turkey begins filling an upstream reservoir, the country assures Iraq that it will not cut off water supplies to the Tigris River. India aims to cut heat wave deaths with “common sense” policies, including free water. Pumping groundwater can lead to heightened arsenic levels in irrigation and drinking water, a new […]

HotSpots H2O, June 4: Thousands Go Thirsty as Fighting Halts Desalination in Derna, Libya

The Rundown Fighting in Derna, Libya, reached “unprecedented levels” in recent weeks, leaving thousands of residents without water, food, and medicine. The city, on Libya’s eastern coast, has been encircled by the Libyan National Army (LNA) since July 2017. The LNA is trying to take Derna from a coalition of local fighters and Islamist militants. […]