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The Stream, October 11, 2019: Ethiopia’s Capital Works to Boost Water Supply as Demand Grows

The Global Rundown Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, spearheads new water infrastructure to help combat chronic water shortages. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces new regulations on lead in drinking water. A super typhoon disrupts transportation and sporting events in Japan. New modeling predicts future interactions between humans and nature, and warns that those living in […]

The Stream, October 10, 2019: U.S. EPA Set to Tighten Standards on Lead in Drinking Water

The Global Rundown The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plans to announce new standards for lead in drinking water. A hospital in Washington D.C. where the legionella bacteria was discovered will be without potable water for another week. Ethiopia moves forward with construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam despite tensions with Egypt. An environmental group […]

The Stream, October 9, 2019: Use of Biosolid Sludge in U.S. Fields Linked to Water Contamination, Health Risks

The Global Rundown Questions arise over the use of human waste sludge on U.S. farmland due to evidence that the practice is polluting drinking water and sickening livestock and humans. Two communities in Michigan are under drinking water advisories after high levels of lead are found. Ethiopia accuses Egypt of maintaining a “colonial era” hold […]

The Stream, October 8, 2019: Turkey Prepares to Flood Ancient Town In Construction of Ilisu Dam

The Global Rundown The deadline arrives for residents to leave a 12,000-year-old town that will be flooded for the construction of Turkey’s Ilisu Dam. Egypt says that a deadlock has occurred in negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Sweltering temperatures and minimal precipitation continues to affect the Southern United States. Farmers in Argentina’s grain […]

HotSpots H2O: India’s Monsoon Season, Wettest in 25 Years, Comes to an End

Following a slow start, India was deluged this year with its heaviest monsoon rains in a quarter century.

The Stream, October 4, 2019: Flash Drought Deepens in 14 Southern U.S. States

The Global Rundown A flash drought worsens in 14 states across the southern U.S. Tainted water from a luxury estate containates an already-depleted waterway in Queensland, Australia. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cites San Francisco, California, for water pollution, a move threatened by President Donald Trump last month. A hospital in Southeast Washington has been […]

The Stream, October 3, 2019: California Begins Water Year With Above-Average Reservoir Levels

The Global Rundown California begins its water year with above-average water reserves. New research shows that watersheds where groundwater is pumped may see declining river flows by 2050. Catch rates in Mexico are projected to decrease by 30 percent over the next three decades, a study warns. Regulators find increased levels of PFAS contaminants in […]

The Stream, October 2, 2019: Ethiopian Mega-Dam Delayed 5 Years Due to Poor Engineering, Official Claims

The Global Rundown Ethiopia says completion of its Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is delayed by five years due to poor-quality structural work. The death toll from India’s recent monsoon rains rises to 139. New Hampshire enforces new restrictions on PFAS in state drinking water systems. Newark, New Jersey, is set to receive an additional $155 […]

The Stream, October 1, 2019: This Year’s Monsoon Brings Highest Rainfall to India in 25 Years

The Global Rundown India’s heaviest monsoon rains in 25 years will boost the country’s winter crops, but recent monsoon flooding leaves more than 100 people dead in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Bangladesh says it will improve flood warning systems in the wake of severe monsoon rains this summer. Nepal blames India’s embankments for the intensity […]

HotSpots H2O: Financial Troubles Jeopardize Drinking Water Supply in Zimbabwe Capital

The main drinking water plant for Harare resumed treating water after a two-day shutdown that exacerbated shortages in a capital city that is already reeling from drought.

The Stream, September 27, 2019: U.S. EPA Alleges California is Violating Clean Water Laws

The Global Rundown The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency accuses California of allowing human waste from the homeless population to contaminate waterways. Baltimore, Maryland, moves toward a tiered billing system that will charge low-income residents less. Water levels revive in two drought-stricken Alaska communities. A new study warns that dwindling water supplies may affect operations at […]

The Stream, September 26, 2019: Extreme Sea Level Events Predicted Yearly by 2050, IPCC Report Warns

The Global Rundown Extreme sea level events could strike yearly by 2050 regardless of whether fossil fuel emissions are minimized, scientists warn. The German government says it will dedicate €547 million ($600 million) to forest restoration. Farmers in California brace for intensifying water restrictions. Scientists warn that drought could cut a majority of the world‘s […]