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The Stream, May 1: El Niño Drought Disrupts Shipping in Panama Canal

The Global Rundown Drought hampers shipping in the Panama Canal as water levels fall. U.S. Democrats and President Donald Trump agree to spend $2 trillion on roads, water, and other infrastructure projects. Volunteers and military personnel work to protect homes as floodwaters swamp eastern Canada. Food insecurity looms for more than 2 million people in […]

The Stream, April 30: Washington D.C. Plans to Revamp or Remove All Flood-Prone Buildings

The Global Rundown Washington D.C. announces plans to overhaul its flood-prone buildings. Flooding and landslides in Indonesia leave at least 29 people dead. A quarter of wells in drought-stricken Karnataka, India, have gone dry. Access to drinking water a key concern in Mozambique, where Cyclone Kenneth made landfall late last week. Fines for air and […]

HotSpots H2O: Worsening Drought and Conflict Loom in Southeast Asia

More than 66 million Southeast Asians had their lives disrupted by drought in the past three decades.

The Stream, April 26: Strongest Cyclone Ever to Hit Mozambique Makes Landfall

The Global Rundown Cyclone Kenneth, the strongest cyclone ever to hit Mozambique, makes landfall. Water plays a key role in India’s sprawling general election. Ongoing flood conditions in the midwestern United States stall fertilizer shipments. Wildfires break out in parched areas of Europe. Despite assurances that the water in Flint, Michigan, is safe, many residents […]

The Stream, April 25: Torrential Downpour in South Africa Leaves 60 Dead, Hundreds Displaced

The Global Rundown Flooding and landslides sweep through eastern South Africa, leaving 60 dead. Unprecedented rainfall rejuvenates marshlands in Iraq. Herders in Mali rely on satellite imagery to find watering holes. Another cyclone barrels toward Mozambique. A new report warns that government intervention is needed to avoid intensifying drought in Southeast Asia. “Water is life […]

The Stream, April 24: Melting of Greenland Ice Sheet Accelerating, Data Shows

The Global Rundown The Greenland Ice Sheet has lost a staggering amount of freshwater in recent decades, data shows. The Midwestern United States continues to feel the impact of recent flooding. Shipping slows on Germany’s Rhine River as water levels drop. Australia’s Coalition refers controversial Murray-Darling Basin water buybacks to the country’s auditor general. Prolific […]

The Stream, April 23: Flint Residents Can Sue EPA Over Water Crisis, U.S. Judge Rules

The Global Rundown A federal judge rules that the city of Flint, Michigan, can sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its failure to quickly intervene in the Flint water crisis. Australian lawmakers call for a royal commission to investigate controversial Murray-Darling Basin water buybacks. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) allots $118.2 million to Mozambique […]

New Zealand Waterways Fouled by Farm Runoff, Tourist Waste

Pesticides, trash, and heavy metals litter New Zealand’s waterways.

HotSpots H2O: California Water District Sues to Stop Colorado Drought Plan

The Imperial Irrigation District, an influential agency on the Colorado River, sued to halt a basinwide drought plan.

The Stream, April 19: Paradise, California, Water System Could Cost $300m to Replace

The Global Rundown The water system of Paradise, California, which was tainted after a wildfire swept through the town, could cost $300 million to replace. The United Nations helps Malawian refugees displaced by Cyclone Idai return home. Flood-hit Iran receives a massive aid donation from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Quebec, Canada, braces […]

The Stream, April 18: Colorado Drought Plan Hit by Lawsuit Just As Trump Signs Off

The Global Rundown California’s Imperial Irrigation District sues over its exclusion from the Colorado River drought contingency plan just as President Donald Trump signs off on it. Farmers suicides are on the rise in India’s drought-stricken Maharashtra state. States provide mixed feedback during a public comment period on revisions to the Water of the United […]

The Stream, April 17: First Humanitarian Aid Shipment of Water, Medicine, Reaches Venezuela

The Global Rundown The first batch of Red Cross humanitarian aid reaches crisis-stricken Venezuela. A key railway in the Australian Outback is set to reopen after sustaining flood damages earlier this year. Kenya’s meteorological department warns that water and food scarcity loom amid a failing rainy season. Severe rainstorms continue to lash Afghanistan. Residents slowly […]