The Stream, November 23: India’s Kashmir Region Looks to Quadruple Hydroelectric Power

The Global Rundown

India’s Kashmir Region announces plans to accelerate hydroelectric projects over the next five year. The Flint City Council narrowly approves a 30-year drinking water contract with Detroit’s Great Lakes Water Authority. Saudi Arabia eases its import blockade on Yemen to allow “urgent humanitarian and relief materials” to reach desperate civilians. The storm that caused deadly floods in Greece last week is identified as a rare “Medicane.” International donors, who pledged over $2 billion toward Caribbean hurricane recovery efforts, name water restoration as a major focus. Australia’s weather bureau warns of a La Niña event, which would increase the likelihood of flooding and other abnormal weather events.

“It’s been a long-time coming. We have squandered time, we have wasted money. It’s time to move forward. It’s time to show people we can govern ourselves.” -Karen Weaver, Flint mayor, in reference to the City Council’s 5 to 4 vote of approval on a 30-year water contract with Great Lakes Water Authority. The decision is controversial to many residents, who believe the decision was rushed and will result in escalating water bills. The Detroit News 

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Congress Passes Defense Spending Bill That Includes Perfluorinated Chemicals Health Study. – CDC will guide first-ever national evaluation of drinking water contaminant.

U.S. Government Releases First Global Water Strategy. – Report identifies water priorities in foreign policy.

By The Numbers

70 percent Likelihood of a La Niña weather event, according to the Australian weather bureau. A La Niña system, which has also been forecasted by other nations, would bring a stormier winter to the northern hemisphere and warmer, wetter summer to the southern hemisphere. A strong La Niña event caused severe flooding to Australia between 2010 and 2012. Reuters

$2 billion Amount raised by international donors to aid Caribbean nations that were devastated by hurricanes Irma and Maria earlier this year. Initial recovery efforts will focus on rebuilding infrastructure, restoring power, and ensuring that people have clean drinking water. Reuters

5,000 megawatts Additional amount of hydropower that the governments of Jammu and Kashmir, India, hopes to generate over the next five or six years using the region’s rivers. The undertaking, which would quadruple the state’s hydroelectric output, is raising concerns about water shortages in neighboring Pakistan. Bloomberg

Science, Studies, And Reports

The deadly flooding that hit Greece last week was the result of a “rare tropical-like storm,” according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The Mediterranean storm, which meteorologists have dubbed a “Medicane,” developed an eye like a hurricane and killed at least 21 people. Bloomberg

On The Radar

Saudi Arabia announced that it will lift its import ban on Yemen to allow crucial aid such as food, fuel, and water to reach civilians, although commercial supplies remain banned. Fuel shortages have left 2.5 million Yemenis without clean water. Al Jazeera