The Stream, November 6: Ninety Percent of Global Warming is Manmade, U.S. Federal Agencies Conclude

The Global Rundown

A report by 13 United States federal agencies concludes that 90 percent of global warming has been caused by humans. Government data reveals a sharp increase in the amount of seabed litter around the United Kingdom. Groundwater tests reveal high levels of nitrates, heavy metals, and other pollutants in the water catchment in Perth, Australia. Twenty-seven people are dead and 40,000 homes destroyed in the wake of Vietnam’s twelfth major storm this year. Increased highway traffic threatens to pollute Pakistan’s glaciers, which feed the Indus River.

“It will bring in much-needed infrastructure. But the carbon emissions and the soot going into the atmosphere will definitely increase – and our mountain glaciers will melt.” –Qamar-uz-Zaman Chaudhry, author of Pakistan’s national climate change policy, in reference to the possible detriments of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Increased traffic and tourism are bringing heightened emissions to Pakistan’s Khunjerab Pass, posing a threat to the already-melting glaciers along the mountain highway. Reuters

By The Numbers

40,000 Number of homes damaged by Typhoon Damrey, the twelfth major storm to hit Vietnam this year. Heavy rains, which have already caused waist-deep flooding in some areas, are forecasted to last until Tuesday. The country is hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit later this week. Reuters

358 Number of litter items that were found per square kilometer of seabed in 2016, according to data collected by the British government, a 158 percent increase over 2015 levels. Over three-quarters of the litter was plastic, with notable amounts of rubber and metal also found. The Guardian

Science, Studies, And Reports

A 477-page report by 13 U.S. federal agencies declared that 90 percent of global warming has been caused by humans. The report claimed that it is “extremely likely” that global warming is man-made, primarily due to the release of carbon dioxide from burning coal, oil, and natural gas. The Guardian

On The Radar

The drinking water catchment in Perth, Australia, has been polluted by waste stockpiles, according to recent groundwater tests. The tests revealed elevated levels of nitrates, heavy metals, and perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Although the city’s Department of Water and Environmental Regulation maintains that there is no threat to public drinking water, further tests are being ordered. Perth Now