HotSpots H2O, December 5: Mexicali Farmers Fear U.S. Brewery Will Jeopardize Their Water Supply

The Global Rundown

Farmers in Mexicali, Mexico protest construction of a large brewery, fearing it will harm their water supply. Clan conflicts over grazing land simmer among pastoralists in Somalia, where rainfall remains scarce. Water cuts and disruptions in Libya continue, leaving more than 2 million people without water. Tensions with Egypt grow as Ethiopia pushes forward with construction of its massive new Blue Nile Dam. The United Nations Secretary-General calls for an end to all air and ground assaults as fighting intensifies in Yemen, cutting even more citizens off from food, water, and healthcare.

“There’s this mythology intertwined with the lives of (Mexicali residents,) where water is a fundamental aspect of our history. Defending this water is in many ways defending our history.” –Jesus Galaz Duarte, a resident of Mexicali, Mexico, in reference to the construction of a large brewery that locals fear could strain the area’s water supply. Residents have set up a protest camp outside the brewery and are determined to remain there until the brewery shuts down. Desert Sun

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By The Numbers

60 percent Proportion of construction on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam that has been completed, despite growing objections from Egypt, which lies downstream and relies almost entirely on the river for its water needs. Ethiopia claims they are “not concerned by what Egypt thinks,” but have reportedly placed maximum security around the dam, including an undeclared no-fly zone. Al Jazeera

600,000 Number of children who are deprived of clean water in Libya’s capital and coastal cities amid ongoing water cuts and disruptions. The water scarcity is forcing people to draw water from potentially unsafe sources. Relief Web

Science, Studies, And Reports

Clan conflicts are breaking out among Somalian pastoralists as grazing land dwindles due to a prolonged dry spell, according to reports from the International Committee of the Red Cross. Some light showers have been observed recently, but consecutive failed rainy seasons have left few pasture options for livestock. Relief Web

On The Radar

Conditions in Yemen continue to deteriorate amid a “sharp escalation” in armed clashes and airstrikes on the capital, Sana’a. At the same time, a devastating import blockade, which has left millions without access to clean water, remains in effect. In response, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has called for a ceasefire among all warring parties. UN News Centre

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