The Stream, September 26: Global HotSpots Edition

The Global Rundown

Conflict in the tumultuous Lake Chad Basin worsens as nations fight over the lake’s diminishing water supply. In the face of “unprecedented security challenges,” NATO establishes seven baseline goals for countries to stay resilient, including maintaining adequate water resources. The Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace publishes a report on water resources and management. Cholera spreads throughout northeast Nigeria, where fighting has destroyed more than half of water and sanitation facilities. Amid deadly killings, land rights defenders from 29 countries implore the UN to provide protection.

“We regard the present security environment as the most challenging and the most dangerous since the end of the Cold War. We recognize that we need to improve our resilience.” –Chris Bennett, Commander of NATO, in reference to the “unprecedented security challenges” faced by countries around the world. The U.S.-led alliance has outlined seven baseline goals to help bolster national security, which include having adequate water resources and the ability to deal with mass casualties and the uncontrolled movement of people. Reuters

By The Numbers

75 percent Proportion of northeast Nigeria’s water and sanitation facilities that have been destroyed by fighting between armed groups and the Nigerian army. The breakdown in sanitation sparked a cholera outbreak, which has affected 2,600 people and killed 48 in Borno state so far. Relief Web

134 Number of land rights defenders that have been killed this year while protesting issues such as land theft, big dams, mines, and forest destruction. In response, land defenders from 29 countries have appealed to the UN to act against violent corporations and state-sponsored groups, who they claim are threatening their lives and destroying the environment. The Guardian

Science, Studies, And Reports

The Geneva-based Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace recently published a report on water resources, their management, and the importance of maintaining peace and security. The report, authored by a 15-member panel, includes topics such as ‘Into the Abyss: Water in Armed Conflicts’ and ‘An Ounce of Prevention: International Water Law and Transboundary Water Co-operation.’ Graphic Online

On The Radar

The Lake Chad Basin is considered one of the worst conflict zones in Africa, and the region’s instability is intensifying as Lake Chad dries up. Communities in Cameroon, Chad, Niger, and Nigeria are constantly quarreling over the lake’s water supply, which has shrunk by 95 percent since 1963. All Africa