The Stream, August 14: U.S. and Mexico Finalize Colorado River Water-Sharing Agreement

The Global Rundown

The United States and Mexico finalize a water-sharing deal for the Colorado River. Drought in Ethiopia jeopardizes the lives of pastoralists as millions of livestock die or fall ill. Alberta, Canada is facing its most severe water shortages since 2001. New research shows that cholera vaccines are effective for adults but provide substantially less protection for children under five. Torrential rains caused widespread flooding and landslides in Nepal over the weekend.

“We really haven’t had a good rain since June 22…everyone had their reservoirs in good shape, that’s what’s carrying us.” Richard Phillips, vice-chairman of the Alberta Irrigation Projects Association, in reference to the current water shortages in Alberta, Canada. This summer has been one of the hottest and driest on record, forcing the province to deplete its reservoirs. Calgary Herald

By The Numbers

49 Death toll in Nepal after heavy rains led to widespread flooding and landslides. Officials estimate that 34,000 homes were submerged and 100,000 people were affected by the extreme weather. Reuters

2 million Number of livestock that have died due to severe drought in Ethiopia. As their herds die or sicken, Ethiopian pastoralists are facing income shortages, limited food access, and rising malnutrition. UN News Centre

Science, Studies, And Reports

A review of cholera vaccines found that adults who took a standard dose reduced their risk of getting cholera by 58 percent, whereas the risk for children under five was reduced by only 30 percent. The study, conducted by the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, could help inform policymakers on how and when to use cholera vaccines. Science Daily

On The Radar

The United States and Mexico are in the final stages of completing a Colorado River water-sharing deal. The agreement will focus on increasing reservoir levels and avoiding severe shortages, which may be likely in upcoming years. The Colorado River provides water for nearly 40 million people. USA Today