The Stream, February 5: Floodwaters Released from Chinese Dam Submerge Cambodian Village

The Global Rundown

An entire village in Cambodia is submerged by floodwaters released from a Chinese-built dam. Moderate drought sets in across a third of the United States. The Congo Republic moves to dissolve its water and power utilities and replace them with public limited companies. Nicaragua is ordered to pay for environmental damages done to Costa Rica’s wetlands. New Orleans, Louisiana, struggles to fund $11.6 billion in infrastructure repairs.

“The thriving community of Srekor has become a silent waterworld.” –International Rivers, an environmental group, in reference to an entire Cambodian village which was submerged by floodwaters from the Lower Sesan 2 hydropower dam. The village has gradually been deluged by seven meters of water since the Chinese-built dam began operating in November, forcing more than 60 families to leave their homes. The Independent

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California Water Board Delays Affordability Report – More time needed to work out details, regulators say.

Cape Town Outlines Plans for Emergency Water Distribution – Residents will be allowed 25 liters (6.6 gallons) per person per day at 200 collection points.

By The Numbers

$11.6 billion Estimated cost of repairing New Orleans’ aging infrastructure. The city’s sewer, water, and drainage systems have caused repeated flooding and water pressure drops in recent years. The Trump administration’s trillion-dollar infrastructure plan is intended to aid cities such as New Orleans, but local officials question whether the plan will truly provide the funding needed. The New York Times

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$379,000 Amount that Nicaragua was ordered to pay for environmental damages to part of Costa Rica’s wetlands. The ruling was made by the United Nations’ International Court of Justice on Friday. In a separate case, the court also awarded Costa Rica a disputed territory along the coastal border shared by the two countries. The New York Times

Science, Studies, And Reports

Moderate drought is spreading across the United States, according to the country’s weekly drought monitor. Currently, 38.4 percent of the continental U.S. is experiencing drought, with the southern and western parts of the country facing the worst conditions.

On The Radar

The Congo Republic has decided to dissolve its state-run power and water utilities, claiming the two utilities failed to reach sufficient profit levels. The utilities will be replaced with three public limited companies, one of which will oversee water, another power, and finally,  electricity transmission. Reuters