The Stream, January 15: Unexpected Side Effects of Saving Water in California Results in Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

The Global Rundown

California’s water reduction results in curbed greenhouse gases. The government of Zambia claims it has made progress in combating the country’s cholera outbreak. Freshwater acidification may be surpassing ocean acidification, according to a new report. Karnataka, India, denies Tamil Nadu’s request to release water from the Cauvery River. The search for survivors continues as the death toll from last week’s mudslides in California rise.

We’re still in rescue mode and we still hope to find someone alive, although the chances of that are becoming slim.–Justin Cooper, a spokesperson for the multi-agency response team in California dealing with the aftermath of Tuesday’s mudslides. Heavy rains on Tuesday caused hillsides to give way, unleashing a flood on Santa Barbara County. Reuters

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By The Numbers

3,100 Number of cholera cases in Zambia. The country is expected to reopen its international school and several shopping centers in the coming week, claiming it has made progress in stemming the cholera outbreak. Al Jazeera

521,000 Metric tones of greenhouses gases reduced due to water reductions in California. A report found that during California’s period of mandated water reduction, the state saved 524,000 gallons of water, which saved 1830 gigawatt hours, in turn reducing the output of greenhouse gases.  Los Angeles Times

Science, Studies, And Reports

A new report by a team from Ruhr University Bochum states that freshwater acidification may be surpassing ocean acidification rates. The researchers found that over 35-year span a continuous increase in pCO2. While some CO2 is being absorbed from the atmosphere, more is coming from emissions that settle in soil and eventually wash into freshwater bodies. PBS NewsHour

On The Radar

The government of Karnataka, India, has rejected Tamil Nadu’s request that water from the Cauvery River. Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister states the water would be used for drinking water and irrigating crops in Tamil Nadu. Karnataka contests that their reservoir storage levels are too low to allow for the release of water. India’s Supreme Court is expected to issue a verdict on the issue. The News Minute

In context: Water scarcity causes Cauvery Delta anguish.