The Stream, January 12: Millions at Flood Risk Within Next 20 Years

The Global Rundown

Across the globe, millions will be put at flood risk in the next 20 years as global warming increases severe rainfall. Cape Town, South Africa, continues to approach “day zero,” the day the city’s reservoirs run dry. Mudslides brought on by heavy rains devastate Santa Barbara County, California. Amid an outbreak of cholera, Zambia moves to vaccinate 1 million citizens. The Trump administration reverses plans to allow offshore oil drilling off the coast of Florida.

For Floridians we are not drilling off the coast of Florida, which clearly the governor has expressed that’s important.” –Ryan Zinke, U.S. Interior secretary, following a reversal in the Trump administration’s plans to expand offshore oil drilling. Zinke states the decision came after a meeting with Florida Governor Rick Scott. The Guardian

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By The Numbers

10,500 liters Current monthly allowance of water per household in Cape Town, South Africa. When dam levels go down to 13.5 percent, the majority of taps will be turned off in the city and there will be a 25 liters per person per day allowance. Voice of America

In context: Cape Town’s “day zero” approaches.

17 Official death toll from the California mudslides as of Thursday night. Heavy rains on hills affected by the state’s wildfires resulted in the devastating mudslides, which have also done substantial damage to water infrastructure in the area. NPR

Science, Studies, And Reports

Millions worldwide will be at flood risk within the next 20 years, according to a study published by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. In Asia alone, the number of people at flood risk will more than double, increasing from 70 million to 156 million. Scientists warn, however, that building flood protection to combat flood risk will affect food production and increase the risk of high magnitude events. Reuters

On The Radar

Zambia is working to vaccinate 1 million residents in Luska, the country’s capital. 2,558 out of 2.672 cholera cases in the country have occurred in the capital. The New York Times