The Stream, January 8: Southeast England at Risk of Summertime Water Shortages, Officials Warn

The Global Rundown

A U.S. government watchdog agency plans to investigate the risks of flooding at Superfund sites. Colorado utilities prepare for water shortages amid the lowest mountain snowfall in 30 years. Authorities in Andhra Pradesh, India, launch a four-pronged plan to stave off drought. Volatile weather patterns cause rivers across Germany to overflow their banks. Officials warn that southeast England may be at risk of water shortages following a year of dry weather.

“People are piling up sandbags, pumping out their cellars and emptying their homes. We hope that the situation will improve soon.” —Arno Simon, mayor of Ürzig, Germany, in reference to the Moselle River overflowing its banks. Several rivers across the country have flooded due to volatile weather patterns and snowmelt in the Alps. Deutsche Welle

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By The Numbers

22 percent Proportion of normal snow depth in southwestern Colorado. Snowpack levels are in the state’s mountains are at their lowest levels in 30 years, prompting utilities to brace for water shortages. The Denver Post

1,300 Number of U.S. Superfund sites that a government watchdog agency will be evaluating to determine the risks of flooding and other natural disasters. The exploration of the nation’s most polluted areas follows an unusually severe hurricane season. ABC News

Science, Studies, And Reports

Southeast England may be at risk of water shortages this summer, according to reports on the country’s groundwater and reservoir levels. Half of groundwater monitoring sites are “exceptionally” or “notably” low, and many reservoirs are well below average capacity. The Guardian  

On The Radar

N. Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, India, has enacted a four-pronged government plan to stave off drought. The plan is intended to ensure farmers’ welfare and judicious water use. The Hindu