World Water Week discussion with Will Sarni, Founder and CEO of Water Foundry


Will Sarni

Will Sarni is the Founder and CEO of Water Foundry.

Will Sarni discusses the value of water, the importance of World Water Week, and more.


Will Sarni: So I’m a huge fan of Stockholm World Water Week because we get together and talk about what we’ve done and what we are going to do in the coming year. So, engagement with colleagues and making commitments to do things that accelerate us towards solutions. I’m Will Sarni. I’m the founder and CEO of Water Foundry. I just wrapped up a session with WWF and CDP and it was on the value of water. So if we really engage in collective action, which is engaging a broad group of stakeholders within our watershed to improve access to water, water quantity and quality, then having that ability to leverage remote sensing data and provide that information on a realtime basis, as opposed to sending out people in the field with sampling kits, is a huge leap forward. And also think about impact in the public sectors. Giving consumers the ability to know on a real time basis their water quantity use and also quality at the tap, would be the Holy grail, if you will. What I’m excited about is anything that gets stuff done. It’s great to talk, but what are we going to do tomorrow or this afternoon? So I get excited about a bias for action, regardless of who it is.