Pacific Region Prepares for Covid-19 with Water, Nutrition, Sustainability Projects

The Pacific Community and European Union began three new projects today aimed to tackle the impacts of Covid-19 and assist long-term recovery in the Pacific region.

The projects will provide immediate support for food and nutrition security across 12 Pacific countries, improve sustainable energy security for the Federated States of Micronesia, and increase access to clean and safe drinking water in the Republic of Kiribati through public sector services. Kiribati, an island nation home to 7,000 people, often experiences severe droughts due to lack of rainfall. The project aims to manage the island’s groundwater and increase access to safe, sustainable water for the community.

The Republic of Kiribati nor the Federated States of Micronesia have any confirmed cases of Covid-19 yet. Both countries implemented travel restrictions and precautions to keep the virus away from their borders.

“It is a great achievement that our country is still Covid free,” said David Teaabo, Kiribati high commissioner to Fiji. “However we remain to be diligent in how we prepare and respond to Covid-19 should it ever reach our shores.”

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