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EPA Science Advisers Evaluate Agency’s Coronavirus Research Agenda

The group of experts that advises the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on scientific matters submitted a draft review of the agency’s research agenda for the novel coronavirus. The review was generally complimentary of the agency’s plan. The advisers did make some suggestions for water-related research. They recommend that the EPA lead or assist with a […]

Report Assesses State Responses to Water Shutoffs during Pandemic

Thirteen states and the District of Columbia ordered a statewide or district-wide ban on shutting off water during the coronavirus pandemic. Two other states secured voluntary commitments from all water utilities within their borders not to shut off water. Some states extended the repayment period for overdue bills. Others suspended fees charged for late payment. […]

South Africa Draws Up Plans So That Mass Burials Do Not Pollute Groundwater

They’ve seen the digging of trenches in Iran and New York. Now they’re preparing in case the worst comes to their country. South African officials directed local authorities to survey sites that could be used as mass graves if death rates from the Covid-19 pandemic begin to soar, Reuters reports. The goal is to prevent […]

First Covid-19 Case Reported in World’s Largest Refugee Camp

The new coronavirus has been detected in the world’s largest refugee settlement, raising concerns about the virus spreading quickly in crowded and unsanitary conditions. Officials from Bangladesh and the United Nations announced that a Rohingya refugee in a camp in southern Bangladesh tested positive for Covid-19. The person was taken to an isolation center, Reuters […]

California Water Groups Ask Congress for Aid

California water groups sent a letter to the state’s representatives in Congress asking for financial assistance to water utilities and the people they serve during the coronavirus pandemic. Signed by 59 organizations, the letter makes four main requests for Congress’s next emergency relief bill: $100 billion over five years for the federal government’s low-interest loan […]

Researchers Redouble Efforts to Understand New Coronavirus in Sewage

People infected by SARS-CoV-2 shed the virus in their feces. That much is certain. The linkage is so established that sewage is now a valuable trove of data for researchers who are trying to glean as much information as they can about the virus and its spread. This type of scientific investigation is known as […]

UN Triples Covid-19 Aid Request

The United Nations is now requesting $6.7 billion to carry out its humanitarian response to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Unless we take action now, we should be prepared for a significant rise in conflict, hunger and poverty,” said Mark Lowcock, the UN coordinator for humanitarian relief. “The specter of multiple famines looms.” The funding is direly […]

Federal Lawsuit Filed Over Hygienic Conditions in Michigan Jail

A federal class-action lawsuit was filed on the behalf of seven people imprisoned at a jail in southeastern Michigan, the Detroit Free Press reports. The lawsuit says that the seven inmates at Wayne County Jail have medical conditions that require their release from unsanitary conditions in the prison that put them at risk for contracting […]

Report: Water and Sanitation Are Obstacles in South Africa’s Covid-19 Fight

Unhygienic environments, inadequate provision of clean water, and poor sanitation are obstacles that must be overcome as South Africa seeks to tame the new coronavirus. That’s according to a report published by the Wilson Center, a think tank based in Washington, D.C. The four authors of the report are all researchers who are based in […]

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Trump Bid to Limit Water Pollution Law

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday rejected arguments seeking to limit the reach of a landmark water pollution law in a Hawaii dispute over wastewater indirectly discharged into the Pacific Ocean.