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Utilities in Developing Countries, in Financial Tailspin, Try to Keep Water Flowing During Pandemic and Beyond

Water utilities are experiencing a ‘double hit’ in their finances that could hinder operations into the future.

Federal Water Tap, May 26: EPA Administrator Talks PFAS, Groundwater in Senate Hearing

The Rundown EPA Administrator Wheeler answered questions about key water issues during a Senate hearing. President Trump orders federal agencies to consider relaxing regulations to boost the economy in response to the coronavirus pandemic. NOAA forecasts an active Atlantic hurricane season. Senate Democrats press the EPA for details on PFAS contamination at Superfund sites. An […]

Country’s Aging Dams, a ‘Sitting Duck,’ Facing a Barrage of Hazards

Repairing all the country’s deficient dams could cost $70 billion. Having them fail would come with a far greater price, experts say.

As Pandemic Magnifies Navajo Nation Water Deficit, Coronavirus Funding Questions Arise

Navajo Nation president and residents want to use federal Covid-19 funds on water infrastructure. Is that allowed?

CDC, EPA Change Building Reopening Guidance After Acknowledging Error

Agencies admit incorrect guidance in documents intended to protect people from a deadly waterborne disease.

Federal Water Tap, May 18: EPA Science Advisers Recommend Lead and Copper Rule Changes

The Rundown The EPA’s science advisers suggest strengthening a proposed rule to address lead in drinking water. The EPA decides not to regulate perchlorate in drinking water. The House passes Covid-19 emergency relief with funding for water utility bills. Senate Democrats introduce a bill to monitor pollution in poor and minority communities during the Covid-19 […]

‘Deadly’ Consequences If Stagnant Water in Shuttered Buildings Is Not Properly Addressed

The extensive closure of offices, hotels, restaurants and other commercial buildings in response to the coronavirus pandemic is a potential health hazard once those structures are reopened to the public.

House Democrats Add Water Provisions to Next Coronavirus Bill Proposal

Democrats seek water shutoff protections and aid to low-income customers as part of $3 trillion package. Republicans quickly dismissed the bill.

Federal Water Tap, May 11: Senate Committee Advances Two Water Infrastructure Bills

The Rundown Water infrastructure bills move swiftly through a Senate committee. A federal judge blocks oil and gas lease sales in Montana over groundwater concerns. USAID sends food aid to people affected by a dam break in Uzbekistan. USGS researchers find microplastics in Lake Mead. California water dispute results in more letters from congressional representatives […]

For Honolulu, Rising Seas Deliver Flood Risks Three Ways

The biggest source of flooding linked to sea-level rise for Hawaii’s capital city comes not from the sea itself. It comes from underground.

Federal Water Tap, May 4: EPA Officials Provide Update on Covid-19 Response

The Rundown Democrats aim to aid water utilities and their customers in the next coronavirus relief bill. California officials and the Interior Department continue to exchange criticism of water actions. USGS researchers find limits to a river’s nitrogen removal capacity. The CDC acknowledges virus-tracking capability of sewage. And lastly, a Senate committee discusses two draft […]

Water Utilities Want a Bailout. Will Congress Listen?

Water and wastewater utilities and their customers were ignored in Congress’s three coronavirus relief bills.