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The Stream, October 30, 2020: Federal Rollbacks of Strip Protections From Arizona Creeks and Washes

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Changes to the Navigable Water Protections Rule have drastically affected Arizona’s waterways. Millions are without power as Hurricane Zeta tears through the S. South and Southeast. Thousands have contracted diseases because of a lack of water in Zimbabwe. Architecture in St. Augustine, Florida, one of America’s oldest cities, is being threatened by rising […]

The Stream, October 29, 2020: Climate Change Forces Indian Cities To Reinvent Urban Planning

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Major Indian cities are factoring climate risks into new urban planning strategies. Legionella is found in an Israeli hospital’s water supply. Mexican National Guard members are arrested in connection to a woman’s death during protests at the La Boquilla dam in September. Covid-19 is increasingly being found in Boston area sewage. A […]

The Stream, October 28, 2020: Hurricane Zeta Projected To Hit Gulf Coast By Wednesday

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Hurricane Zeta moves out of the Yucatan Peninsula and heads toward the Gulf Coast. A new report shows how extreme weather patterns made 2019 one of the hottest years on record in Africa. Some Flint City Council members refused to sign a confidentiality agreement before discussing a possible settlement of civil lawsuits […]

The Stream, October 27, 2020: Unpredictable Weather Patterns Send Crop Prices Soaring During Pandemic

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Crop prices are rising globally due to extreme flooding and drought. The EPA is funding the lead water line removal in several S. cities, including some in Michigan. Almost four million in East Africa have been affected by floods and landslides this year. A new system has formed in the Atlantic, the […]

The Stream, October 23, 2020: Thousands of Kenyans Can’t Walk Due To High Fluoride Levels in Water

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN High fluoride levels in Kenya’s Lake Baringo have caused a bone-weakening disease that has left many villagers unable to walk. Environmental and human rights groups sue the Department of Homeland Security for potential environmental pollution caused by the use of teargas in Portland, Oregon. Maryland residents have nearly $60 million due in […]

The Stream, October 22, 2020: Nepal’s Rice Farmers Are Breaking Covid-19 Protocols To Find Work

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Water shortages and economic stress have caused Nepal’s rice farmers to illegally seek work in India. Loosened federal environmental protections allow a mining company to move forward on a project that could drain wetlands in Georgia. Native American tribes are asking a federal judge to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline. A […]

The Stream, October 21, 2020: A Landslide Caused By Excessive Flooding Kills 20 In Vietnam

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A landslide in Vietnam leaves at least 20 military personnel dead. A new report finds France’s largest dairy producer guilty of multiple environmental and public health violations. Almost 80 percent of U.S. homes tested in a new study have concentrations of lead in their drinking water. An invasive mosquito species is evolving […]

The Stream, October 20, 2020: Indian Cities Look For Alternative Water Supplies As Demand Increases

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Almost half of the U.S. is experiencing unprecedented drought. Landslides and tsunamis are becoming more common as glacial ice continues to melt in the world’s coldest regions. The Japanese government is planning to start dumping over a million tons of radioactive waste into the ocean. New Jersey extends its utilities moratorium during […]

The Stream, October 16, 2020: Legionella Could Be Lurking In The Water Supply of Reopened Buildings

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Stagnant water in recently reopened buildings in the United States is raising concerns about the spread of legionnaire’s disease. Of 850 asked, over 30 percent of women in African countries say they’ve been harassed or assaulted while collecting water during the pandemic. A new model for detecting arsenic in drinking water in India reveals the problem is more […]

The Stream, October 15, 2020: Flint Homes With Copper Pipes Must Be Checked For Lead Contamination

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Homes in Flint, Michigan built after 1990 must also be checked for lead, a judge rules. Saudi Arabian researchers are trying to increase desalination without harmful environmental effects. Rwanda lost over 40 percent of its water supply in four months. Egyptian farmers worry about the effect the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will […]

The Stream, October 14, 2020: Ocean Temperatures Could Predict Colorado River Flow

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A new study produces a model that could predict Colorado River water flow. A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota are testing local wells for evidence of Covid-19 in drinking water. Over 100,000 homes in Vietnam have been flooded from recent rains. The benefits of decommissioning aging U.S. dams may […]

The Stream, October 13, 2020: Great Lakes Water Levels Due To Record Levels In Michigan Rivers

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Record levels of water from Michigan rivers flow into Lakes Michigan and Huron. Sudanese citizens are left defenseless as flooding and ethnic violence is met with low relief funding. A new study finds that a fifth of countries globally are at risk for ecosystem collapse. A tropical depression in the Mekong region […]