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The Stream, January 15, 2021: Former Michigan Governor Charged Years After Flint Water Crisis

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Former Michigan Rick Snyder will be charged with two counts of willful neglect for his role in the Flint water crisis. A surge of tropical storms in India’s Sundarbans mangrove is threatening the lives of those living in the region. A recent study found European colonization has sped up erosion and river […]

The Stream, January 14, 2021: Enbridge Defies Order From Michigan Governor To Stop Line 5 Operations

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Enbridge said they will continue operating Line 5 in Michigan after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered a shutdown of the oil pipeline. New research predicts drastic reduction in terrestrial water storage around the world. The state of Utah continues to face extreme drought as winter sets in. The cause of death for a […]

The Stream, January 13, 2020: Study Finds High Concentrations of PFAS In Water Across China

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A new study finds dangerous levels of PFAS chemicals across several cities in China. Heavy rain and snow causes mass flooding and devastation across the Balkans. Researchers from Stanford University determine that climate change can be blamed for one-third of flood losses in the United States. New Zealand records its seventh-hottest year […]

The Stream, January 12, 2020: Delay in Murray-Darling Basin Violates Indigenous Rights, Groups Say

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN First Nations groups in New South Wales call for action from the federal government to grant water rights to the Murray-Darling Basin. Scientists in Missouri continue to expand a program to test wastewater for the new coronavirus. Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia fail to agree on terms to continue negotiations around the Grand […]

The Stream, January 8, 2021: Subsidence Could Affect 19 Percent Of World’s Population By 2040

GLOBAL DAILY WATER NEWS New research shows almost 20 percent of the world’s population could be affected by the gradual sinking of land in the next 20 years. Chinese officials say they will hold back Mekong River waters for 20 days. Native American tribes in Wyoming are opposing the Trump administration’s approval of up to […]

The Stream, January 7, 2021: New EPA Rule Limits Research Scientists Can Use In Future Regulations

GLOBAL DAILY WATER NEWS The U.S. EPA finalizes a new rule that limits the use of certain scientific studies when writing regulations. A Chilean mining company will spend $56 million to reduce water overuse at a Salvador mine. Reservoir levels in a United Kingdom community are being lowered to save the town from potential flooding. […]

Years After Flint Water Crisis, Lead Lingers in School Buildings

In its 2021 budget, Congress included millions for lead testing in schools, where children are still exposed to the toxic metal.

The Stream, January 6, 2021: Chemical Company Dumped Contaminated Liquid Into Flint River For Years

GLOBAL DAILY WATER NEWS The owner and president of a Flint, Michigan chemical company is being charged with dumping millions of gallons of untreated liquid into the Flint River. Private investors looking to buy water rights poses a threat to United States waterways. A United States federal judge dismisses a lawsuit from environmentalists challenging a water-quality […]

The Stream, January 5, 2021: Officials Look For Solutions To Water Scarcity Along Colorado River

GLOBAL DAILY WATER NEWS More frequent and intense dry years in states along the Colorado River forces officials to look for long-term solutions. Deadly tropical storms in Mozambique offer lessons into how wealthier nations can support economically depressed countries during climate disasters. Over six months after flooding began, citizens throughout South Sudan are still isolated […]

The Stream, December 31, 2020: Flooding Can Cause Poor Mental Health, UK Study Finds

GLOBAL DAILY WATER NEWS A study finds UK residents affected by flooding are more likely to experience long-term mental health problems. Zimbabwe bans the use of mercury in mining. The world’s No. 1 copper miner and Chile’s government reach an agreement to remedy water overuse in a Salvador mine. New South Wales could break rainfall […]

The Stream, December 30, 2020: Drought in Mexico City Brings Push For Sustainable Water Use Plan

GLOBAL DAILY WATER NEWS Low rainfall in Mexico City prompts officials to consider long-term solutions to the city’s water scarcity issue. An environmental group in Oregon sues in federal court for information on the structural integrity of over a dozen dams south of Portland. Scientists warn dredging on a river near the Chernobyl nuclear reactor […]

The Stream, December 29, 2020: Coal Power In The American West Is Crumbling

GLOBAL DAILY WATER NEWS A coal-power plant in Arizona that once fed Colorado River water to Phoenix is demolished. Storm Bella brings high waves and flood warnings to coastal United Kingdom Over 260 people near Quebec City, Canada were evacuated from their homes on Christmas Day due to rising water levels in nearby rivers. A […]