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The Stream, June 18, 2021: Study Finds Widespread Pesticide Contamination In German Streams

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A new study finds pesticide contamination in streams in Germany is widespread. In the United States, drought is diminishing hydropower generation in California, forcing ranchers in Colorado to sell off cattle, and contaminating water supplies in Iowa. Pakistan’s supreme court upheld the government’s decision to demolish thousands of homes blamed for flooding […]

The Stream, June 17, 2021: Peru’s Water Sector Finally Invests In Natural Infrastructure

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A movement to build and maintain natural infrastructure in Peru is gaining ground. A judge in Louisiana blocks a Biden administration order that paused new oil and gas leases on federal lands and waters. Over 8,000 women and children have been displaced and lack clean water due to gang violence in Haiti. […]

The Stream, June 16, 2021: Proposed Commission In Brazil Could Limit Electricity Use Amid Drought

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A proposed commission in Brazil could lead to electricity rationing amid a historic drought. A Chinese cyberattack on critical U.S. entities in April included a major water supplier in California. A panel of judges affirmed key permits for the Line 3 pipeline project in Minnesota. Czech officials say they will begin negotiations […]

The Stream, June 15, 2021: U.S. Water And Power Systems Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A lack of funding and attention from the federal government has left water and power systems in the United States increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Swiss voters reject proposals to mitigate impacts of climate change and improve drinking water. A Michigan city applies for funding to remove more than 1,000 lead service lines. […]

The Stream, June 11, 2021: Proposal Would Cut Individual Water Use In Delhi By 17 Percent

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN The Delhi Development Authority proposes to cut daily water use by 17 percent over 20 years. Water managers could restore depleted groundwater basins in California by capturing floodwaters, a study finds. A new report says three million people in Afghanistan are at risk as drought worsens. A rural Canadian community could receive […]

The Stream, June 10, 2021: Monsoon Rains Inundate Mumbai

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Monsoon rains slam Mumbai, India, causing widespread flooding. A new report finds water stress disproportionately affects communities of color in Oregon. The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is below the five-year average, NOAA reports. A Canadian water treatment plant will receive over $200 million for infrastructure upgrades. Indigenous water treaty […]

The Stream, June 9, 2021: Expert Warns Against Dam Development in Murray-Darling Basin

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN More dams are not the answer to water woes in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin, one expert warns. Right-wing militia supporters in Oregon threaten to open the headgates of a canal in Klamath Falls to restore the flow of water for irrigators. New technology that monitors sewer systems could change stormwater infrastructure management in […]

The Stream, June 8, 2021: Brazilians Will Have Power Despite Historic Drought, Grid Operator Says

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Brazil’s national grid operator guarantees power supplies for the remainder of the year amid a historic drought. Around one-third of more than 400 sites tested across Pennsylvania contain PFAS chemicals, a state report found. Black carbon deposits are speeding up glacial melting in the Himalaya, a new report says. As Chile begins […]

The Stream, June 4, 2021: Oxygen Levels In Global Lakes Are Declining Due to Rising Temperatures

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A new study found oxygen levels in global lakes are declining, threatening the environment and drinking water supplies. Transportation of goods on Brazil’s Tiete-Parana waterway will be harmed by prolonged drought. A mining group in Chile will pay over $93 million in reparations for environmental violations on the Punta Negra salt flat. […]

The Stream, June 3, 2021: Carbon Pollution From World’s Reservoirs Higher Than Previously Thought

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A new study finds greenhouse gas emissions from the world’s reservoirs are higher than earlier estimates. Purchases of farmland in the U.S. Southwest by foreign companies draw attention to water scarcity concerns. Germany announced over $1 billion in development funds, including allocations for water supply projects, to Namibia more than 100 years […]

The Stream, June 2, 2021: More Than Six Dozen Dams In U.S. Could Flood Toxic Waste Sites

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A new investigation finds more than 80 aging dams could flood major toxic waste sites around the United States if they fail. Many Christians in northern Iraq lack reliable access to water after returning to their homes, which were overtaken by ISIL for nearly a decade. Public water sources in several communities […]

50 Years and Billions Spent: Achieving Universal Access to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Within Reach

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