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The Stream, April 9, 2021: Atlanta Prisoners Sue City Over Contaminated Water

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Nearly 40 currently and formerly incarcerated people in Atlanta are suing the city over allegedly supplying contaminated drinking water in 2018 and 2019. Open-air waste pools are increasingly threatened by poor management and climate change in the United States. Four people are dead and several are hospitalized after drinking contaminated water in […]

The Stream, April 8, 2021: Taiwan Imposes Water Restrictions As Drought Worsens

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Over one million homes and businesses in Taiwan were told to ration water as the country faces its worst drought in almost six decades. Negotiations stall over filling and operating a controversial Ethiopian dam. Connecticut health officials are urging homes that rely on well water to test their systems for arsenic and […]

The Stream, April 7, 2021: Michigan Requests Changes To PFAS Cleanup At Former Air Force Base

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Gretchen Whitmer requests changes to PFAS cleanup requirements at the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base, in Michigan. Flood irrigation practices are accessible to only one percent of metro Phoenix, Arizona. The death toll from flooding in Indonesia and East Timor rises. New research finds winter snowmelt is increasing in the American West. […]

The Stream, April 6, 2021: Torrential Rain Spurs Landslides and Flash Floods In Indonesia

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Landslides and flash floods in Indonesia kill over 40 people and displace thousands. River mining in Kashmir is drying up canals that irrigate the region’s apple farms. Florida is taking precautions to prevent a 77-acre wastewater pond from collapsing. Negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam resume between Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt. […]

The Stream, April 2, 2021: U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Florida’s Water Lawsuit Against Georgia

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN The U.S. Supreme Court dismisses Florida’s claims that Georgia overused a shared river basin. Recent rains send contaminated Tijuana River water farther north through San Diego County, in California. New data shows hundreds of thousands of instances of raw sewage discharge into English rivers and coastal waters last year. Two water utility […]

The Stream, April 1, 2021: Upcoming Greenland Election Significant For Global Mining Industry

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Greenland will hold a special election that could determine the fate of a contentious mining project. An oyster farmer’s business in Australia is devastated by record flooding in the region. A new investigation finds widespread lead, arsenic and PFAS contamination in water samples throughout the United States. A coatings company in Pennsylvania […]

The Stream, March 31, 2021: New Study Reveals Pesticide Global Pollution Risk On Agricultural Land

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A new study finds a significant portion of the world’s agricultural land is at risk of pesticide pollution. A Canadian coal company pays a $60 million fine for water pollution in Montana and Idaho. Record floods in Australia take a toll on the country’s already hurting tourism industry. A new study finds […]

The Stream, March 30, 2021: Reports Say Israel Will Deny Request to Send Water To Jordan

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Israel’s prime minister is reportedly refusing a request for water from the country of Jordan. The Biden administration revokes a key permit from an oil refinery known for polluting water and air on the U.S. Virgin Islands. The entire state of Utah is experiencing moderate to extreme drought. The U.S. Army Corps […]

The Stream, March 26, 2021: UK Government Not Testing Water For PFAS, Despite International Concern

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN The United Kingdom government will not test drinking water sources for PFAS chemicals. A British court struck down a class-action lawsuit over a 2015 dam failure in Brazil. A new study links a childhood cancer cluster in a Massachusetts town with prenatal exposure in the 1990s to contaminated drinking water. Canada will […]

The Stream, March 25, 2021: Indus River Negotiations Between India and Pakistan Resume

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN India and Pakistan resume Indus River negotiations for the first time in two years. A new study reveals warming subsurface water in Lake Michigan. An independent panel in Canada’s Yukon province reviews outdated mining laws that don’t benefit locals and First Nations communities. A campaign to stop hydropower development on an Albanian […]

The Stream, March 24, 2021: Australia Inundated With Record Rainfall

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Millions of Australians are affected by record rainfall and flooding. Two Colorado utilities will test the feasibility of a controversial reservoir in the state’s Western Slope. An Alaskan construction company and the EPA reached a settlement over violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act. The United States and Ethiopia hold talks over […]

The Stream, March 23, 2021: Taiwan Takes Drastic Steps in Face of Intense Drought

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A lawsuit aimed at preventing an Indigenous tribe in Oregon from exercising their water rights has been dismissed by a federal court. Massachusetts gives millions of dollars in grants to public water systems to address PFAS contamination. Australia’s east coast is battered by record rainfall. A new study warns climate change and […]