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The Stream, August 5, 2020: Michigan’s New PFAS Standards Are Among Toughest Nationwide

The Global Rundown Michigan adopts new standards for PFAS in drinking water. Hurricane Isaias poses a threat to the United States’ eastern coast. A landslide in Nepal causes a rise in total deaths during South Asia’s annual rainy season. Ethiopians celebrate the nearly completed, but controversial, dam. A community group in Chennai is trying to […]

The Stream, August 4, 2020: Future Monsoon Seasons in India Will Be Weaker, Study Says

The Global Rundown A new study predicts future monsoon seasons will be weakened in India. New York passes new drinking water regulations. The Navajo Nation approves spending for coronavirus relief. Hurricane Isaias threatens the Florida coast. A new study finds hundreds of dams are being built on protected areas globally. “Rivers are the lifeblood of […]

The Stream, July 31, 2020: Children Around the World Are Threatened by Elevated Lead Levels

The Global Rundown A new report from UNICEF examines water contaminated by leads pipes in the United States and the threat of lead in children’s blood globally. Oklahoma City is battered by rainfall. A report out of Australia delivers a scathing assessment on water markets. Flooding in India continues. Focus is put on the impact […]

The Stream, July 30, 2020: Ammonia Pollutes Delhi’s Water Supply

The Global Rundown Water supply in parts of Delhi are being hit with massive amounts of ammonia. The water in over a thousand households in a Virginia city might be shut off. A new report finds that water stress could put companies around the world at financial risk. A study out of Texas predicts the […]

The Stream, July 29, 2020: Flooding Continues to Wreak Havoc in China

The Global Rundown Flooding continues along the Yangtze river in China. The federal government has reached a water rights agreement with local farmers in Kansas. The global migratory freshwater fish population is severely declining. Negotiations between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan continue over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. An indigenous tribe in Brazil takes a global […]

Where Water Is Scarce on Native American Reservations Covid-19 Spreads More Easily

For Indigenous people living across the United States, the Covid-19 pandemic is the newest chapter in a long history of fighting against disease.

The Stream, July 28, 2020: Two Great Lakes Miss All-Time High Water Levels by Mere Inches

The Global Rundown Lakes Michigan and Huron are inches away from setting all-time water level highs. Citizens of a West Virginia town have been without water for a week. Residents of the Hawaiian island of Kauai narrowly miss the wrath of Hurricane Douglas, while Hurricane Hanna continues to devastate the Texas Gulf coast. DigDeep announces […]

The Stream, July 24, 2020: Chennai is at risk for not meeting its drinking water requirements

The Global Rundown A committee of irrigation officials convene to fulfill Chennai’s drinking water requirements. Tens of thousands continue to be evacuated in China due to intense flooding. Researchers discover copious amounts of microplastics in the River Thames are threatening human health and wildlife.Annual rainfall continues to wreak havoc in South Asia. Michigan’s governor slams […]

The Stream, July 23, 2020: Water stock in seven lakes supplying water to Mumbai are low

The Global Rundown Water stock in the city of Mumbai may only last a little over 100 days. The food supply of over a million people in Cambodia is being threatened because of drought. A rock quarry in the U.S. state of Georgia could damage the water supply of surrounding residents and harm nearby waterways. […]

The Stream, July 21, 2020: Flooding Continues to Wreak Havoc in Rural China

The Global Rundown Devastating flooding continues to wreak havoc on rural China. New Mexico is granted access to billions of gallons of water after a drought left large portions of the Rio Grande dry. Millions of people are displaced due to intense flooding in India and Nepal. A new study from a Japanese university finds terrestrial water could have originated inside the snow line. Many UK residents are […]

Coronavirus, After Delay, Arrives in Bangladesh’s Refugee Camps

One threat for Rohingya Muslims collides with another.

World’s Refugee Camps At Risk for Major COVID-19 Outbreak

Health experts and humanitarian organizations fear that an outbreak of Covid-19 inside the world’s refugee camps could threaten global containment efforts.