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The Stream, August 8: Floods Causing Damage in Countries Around the World

The Global Rundown Flash flooding in Sudan affects tens of thousands, and kills 21 in Macedonia. Researchers in Australia are using a new material to make water molecule splitting more energy efficient. A new report shows how little of the flood damage in China is covered by insurance. In India, a plan to link the country’s waterways may be foiled by […]

The Stream, August 3: Asia Works Toward More Sustainable Systems

The Global Rundown International aid in Mozambique will provide much needed potable water systems. Vietnam is reconsidering how its agriculture and aquaculture industries affect the Mekong Delta. Many are eagerly awaiting new energy policy from China, which will shape its direction over the next several years. One community in India is building its own water metro system. Fish are switching their internal clocks to […]

The Stream, August 1: Abu Dhabi Plans to Reinvest in Wastewater

The Global Rundown Tens of thousands have been left homeless by flooding in Nigeria. Unseasonable sandstorms are wreaking havoc in parts of Iran and Afghanistan. The Gulf of Mexico has been sans hurricane for the longest period on record. A major city in the United Arab Emirates is dumping out more than half of its treated wastewater, while major military installations in the United States may […]

The Stream, July 28: Olympic Athletes Heading For Dirty Water

The Global Rundown Athletes headed to Brazil for the Olympics will have to contend with dirty water. Nepal is dealing with the fallout from monsoon-triggered landslides. The water level of the Sea of Galilee in Israel is sitting dangerously low for many Palestinians. Scientists from Belgium say they have found an effective way to turn urine into drinkable water. New research reaffirms the […]

The Stream, July 26: Cities Around the World Contend With Flooding

The Global Rundown Cement-scaping in the United Kingdom is adding to the country’s flooding problem. The centuries-old Forbidden City in China appears to be weathering its country’s intense flooding just fine. Other cities around the world, however, are paying the price of neglecting vital watersheds. An oil company is working to clean up its mess in central Canada. A cosmetics company […]

The Stream, July 25: Investing in the Future

The Global Rundown A pipeline through the heart of Ireland could solve Dublin’s water woes. Flooding continues in China, causing loss of life and widespread property damage. An entrepreneurial team in Southeast Asia is using a floral surplus caused by flooding to treat a growing health concern. Tanzania takes the lead in Africa’s clean water efforts. And in Israel, a focus […]

The Stream, July 22: Understanding Drought And Unlocking Solutions

The Global Rundown An alarming number of citizens in China have been killed or are missing because of intense flooding. The history of drought in Ghana could hold clues to avoiding famine. One U.S. agtech startup is re-engineering drought-resistant seeds at the microbial level. Regional drought is effecting the Amazon’s ability to mitigate global carbon. An unlikely Olympic athlete from a […]

The Stream, July 21: Citizens Calling for More Government Assistance During Floods and Droughts

The Global Rundown Scientists in Israel are pulling water from out of thin air. Farmers in Australia remain out of luck when it comes to government subsidized drought insurance. Farmers in Afghanistan, however, are benefiting from government sponsored programs. The United Nations and South Korea have teamed up to support impoverished women in Viet Nam. Violence connected to water is […]

The Stream, July 20: Trillions of Dollars at Stake Due to Global Warming

The Global Rundown New estimates place worldwide financial losses due to global warming by the year 2030 in the trillions. South Africa is rethinking the potential of hydropower. Israeli is continuing to develop desalinization solutions. Southeast Asia is looking like an attractive investment opportunity for U.S. water infrastructure companies. A sacred mountain sits at the center of a Tibet–China […]

The Stream, July 19: Controversy Over Major Power Plants Could Affect Critical Waterways

The Global Rundown Opponents of a proposed power plant in Bangladesh are appealing to the United Nations in order to protect the world’s largest mangrove forest. Pakistan and India continue to quarrel over two hydropower plants currently under construction. Coral around the globe is at increased risk because of warming waters. Mozambique recently received nearly $100 million in financial support for drought […]

The Stream, July 18: Floods Wreaking Havoc in Asia, Water Deficits Almost Everywhere Else

The Global Rundown Flooding in parts of China and India is leading to widespread evacuation and property destruction. South Sudan is expecting an injection of water infrastructure capital from a major financial institution. Data suggests that much of the world will register water deficits over the next several months. Pakistan is cracking down on a criminal element springing up during […]

The Stream, July 15: Countries Searching for Solutions to Unbalanced Water Systems

The Global Rundown Countries around the world are turning away from hydropower in favor of less risky sources of sustainable energy. Both Bangladesh and China are looking to improve their agricultural processes while employing water more effectively. A new U.S. university study indicates re-flooding waterways left bare by dams may do more harm than good. Despite the much anticipated arrival […]