Opinion | Water Scarcity Will Increase Risk of Conflict, Says New National Intelligence Report

Report is less comprehensive than previous assessments and omits key flashpoints for water conflict.

Tehran Faces Crisis As Iran’s Water Supply Runs Low

Tehran, the capital and largest city, could soon be the epicenter of Iran’s water crisis.

Amman Faces Water Squeeze as Refugees Rush into Jordan

Water shortages abound in Amman, home to more than 40 percent of Jordan’s people.  

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The Global Rundown The Syrian government claims that a deal…

Drought-Hit Zimbabwe Unravels Amid Humanitarian, Economic, and Political Crises

Protests threaten to unseat Mugabe government, while four million people face hunger.

Climate Change Effects On Conflict Are Complex, Tenuous, And Misunderstood

Climate change is here, but will we fight over it?