Great Lakes Toxic Algae Prompts Big Investment and Rare Political Agreement

After last summer's toxic algae outbreak, safe drinking water is a priority again in Ohio, the state that spurred the Clean Water Act four decades ago.

Des Moines Initiates Clean Water Act Lawsuit to Stem Farm Pollution

Iowa’s largest city will sue three upstream counties to reduce nitrate contamination.

Infographic: A History of EPA Veto Actions to Protect Water

The EPA has issued 13 vetoes since the passing of the Clean Water…

Hawaii River Restorations Reflect National Desire to Protect Water for Public Benefit

Using public trust doctrine, communities restore streams diverted…
Black Volta River

Update: UN Transboundary Water Treaty Moves Forward As Cote d’Ivoire Approves Ratification

Though three more ratifications are needed before the UN Watercourses Convention has the force of international law, advocates assert that four countries are close: Ireland, Tanzania, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.
Pharmaceuticals in the Water Systems Infographic

Who Will Pay for Disposal? Drug Companies Lose Against Local Governments in California and Washington

Though there still is no continuous national program to properly dispose of the 10 to 40 percent of prescription and over-the-counter medications that go unused, a few local governments in California and Washington are leading the charge to find sustainable funding sources.

Texas Water District Finds Few Friends in Quest for Water in Oklahoma

A water rights case to be argued in the U.S. Supreme Court this week has national implications.
Kansas Geological Survey, infographic, ogallala aquifer, drought

With Locals at the Helm, Kansas Charts New Course for Groundwater Management

As they have been doing for decades, political leaders and water managers in Kansas are upending Western water law traditions that originated before the state was even part of the Union.
Music lovers congregate at Hart Plaza Fountain in downtown Detroit during the Movement Electronic MusMusic lovers congregate at Hart Plaza Fountain in downtown Detroit during the Movement Electronic Music Festival in May 2012.ic Festival in May 2012.

What an Emergency Manager Might Mean for Detroit’s Water Utility

There are many questions and few conclusions right now about…

National Integrated Drought Information System Threatened by Budget Uncertainty

Only 75 percent of allocated funds have been awarded since Congress created the drought-warning program seven years ago, and future funding remains unclear as NIDIS prepares for Capitol Hill on Thursday.

U.S. and Mexico Sign Major Deal on Colorado River Issues: Delta Restoration, Infrastructure, Water Sharing

The agreement marks a turn in Colorado River management. Senior…

2012 Election Results: U.S. Voters Favor Water

Yesterday, American voters in many states and cities around the nation supported hundreds of millions of dollars in water infrastructure investment.