China’s Early Pivot Away From Carbon

World’s largest coal consumer's big challenge to lower climate-changing…

The Stream, March 21: Drought, Fire, and Kenya’s Wildlife

Drought and Water Access A forest fire in China's Yunnan province…
Mongolia Slideshow

Energy Economy Brings Change to Shepherd Life: Modernization Comes to the Dry Grasslands of Inner Mongolia

Along the vast frozen grasslands, 23-year-old Wu Yun and her father, Bao Zhu, tend their flock of sheep and cattle. Just over the ridge, the northern city of Xilinhot is booming as the coal industry continues to expand. But it will take a lot of water to feed both the city and the mining.

The Stream, March 28: Nukes, Drought, Asian Carp

As radiation in the water at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power…

New Wind and Solar Sectors Won’t Solve China’s Water Scarcity

Clean alternatives help, but not nearly enough, to loosen energy-water choke point
Water & Energy Collision

In Era of Climate Change and Water Scarcity, Meeting National Energy Demand Confronts Major Impediments

The pursuit of energy development development reveal gaps in policymaking.

India and Pakistan Dispute Water Use for Hydropower, Agriculture

India strives to redirect water, currently used for Pakistani agriculture, on the Kishanganga River for 330 megawatts.

The Price of Hydropower Pursuits in Patagonia

In Chile’s Trackless Mountain Wilderness, A Clash Between Pristine Rivers and Hydropower Prospects

Peter Gleick: Water for Energy, the Bad Bet for Biofuels

In the ongoing debate about rethinking America's energy future,…

Water Designer Turns Box Thinking Inside Out

While the recent UNESCO Water Report encourages stakeholders…

Eco-Phone to Communicate Future of Sustainable Technology

BARCELONA -- The days of can-to-can communication are over. To…

Opinion: Ethanol and Water

When thirsty people plant thirsty crops to fuel thirsty car…