Biggest Lakes in the World Under Pressure From Human and Environmental Threats

Across continents and hemispheres, a growing list of human and environmental pressures threaten the world’s largest lakes, inhibiting their ability to supply water, drive economic activity, preserve biodiversity, and sustain communities.

The Stream, August 2: U.S. Drought Linked to Climate Change?

Scientists are trying to understand whether the drought that…

The Stream, June 25: Water Pricing in China

China will introduce a new water pricing mechanism by 2015, the…
Going the Distance for Water

Infographic: Going the Distance, From Ashgabat to Whyalla—10 Cities Pumping Water From Afar

In many cities, water travels far to reach the tap. Residents of the planet's driest places rely on extensive waterways to deliver their supply. Click through the interactive infographic below to learn more about 10 cities that pipe water in from distant aquifers, plus additional plans to expand waterway networks even further.

Natural Gas Found in Aral Sea’s Dry Bed

Test wells produce the first significant volumes of gas, confirming speculation about gas reserves in the region.

Q&A: One Man’s Fight to Save the Aral Sea

As the Aral Sea gains global recognition as the most extreme kind of environmental disaster, Yusup Kamalov, chairman of the Union for the Defense of the Aral Sea and Amudarya, shares an expert's perspective.

International Cooperation Needed to Save Aral Sea, UN Secretary-General

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visits During a visit to five former Soviet republics, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon encouraged Central Asian leaders to work together to keep the Aral Sea from disappearing.

NASA Satellite Photos Capture a Decade of Land and Water Changes

As part of its 10-year anniversary, NASA’s Earth Observatory has compiled a gallery of images showing annual changes in the Earth’s land, water and atmosphere in places such as Central Asia, Australia, Iraq and the Amazon.

New Project Resurrects Hope for Dying Aral Sea

“Good news – the mother sea is coming,” says a sign hanging…

New life for dry sea

KOK ARAL, Kazakhstan - There is not a drop of water to be seen…