The Stream, May 16: Droughts and Floods

A dire drought is forcing France to set severe restrictions on…
La Nina Winter Soaks

Strong La Niña Winter Soaks Much of the Western United States, But Leaves Southwest Dry

Western states confront potential for floods and wildfires.
Digital Controls Improve Energy Efficiency

Digital Controls Improve Energy Efficiency at Colorado River Dams: Davis, Hoover, Parker

Mechanical parts from the 1950s are being replaced with digital controls at three dams.

Arizona's Gamble — Conserve Water Now, Prevent Deeper Cuts Tomorrow

For years, the state took as much water as it could from Lake Mead; now it plans to leave some in the reservoir.

Navajo Nation Council Approves Water Rights Settlement

If signed by the U.S. Congress, the deal would give the Navajo and Hopi tribes rights to Colorado River water.

US Government Approves World’s Largest Solar Project

The Blythe solar plant is the sixth on public lands to get federal approval this month.

The Rising Cost of Settling the American Desert

Power plant that moves torrent of water uphill considers closing

Running Dry: One Man's Journey to Raise Awareness About the Shrinking Colorado River

In 2008 journalist and photographer Jon Waterman spent five months traveling the Colorado River to understand the extent of its shrinking.

In Solar Power Lies Path to Reducing Water Use For Energy

California’s latest proposed desert solar power plant could compromise desert habitat.

Study Reviews Western United States' Water and Energy Future

Proposed western water supply projects are energy- and carbon-intensive, research group says.

US Projects Give Millions for Water and Sanitation to Tribes

pipes The U.S. government is looking to get tribal homes on a par with the rest of the nation through a $90 million stimulus package for water and sanitation access.