The Biggest Coal Power Plant in the American West Closed. What Happens with the Colorado River Water It Used?

Navajo Generating Station shut down in 2019 and is now being dismantled. The Colorado River water that cooled the plant is part of a broader legal impasse.

Navajo Generating Station, a Union of Coal and Water, Shuts Down

The shutdown of Navajo Generating Station, which was planned for several years, also brought an end to a four-decade bond in Arizona between a coal plant and water-supply infrastructure.

With Water Leasing Vote, Colorado River Indian Tribes Will Seek Consequential Legal Change

Having gained an endorsement from its members, a tribe with one of the largest and most secure claims to water in the Colorado River basin will seek approval from Congress to lease water for use off of its riverside reservation.

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Utilities Move to Break Arizona’s Coal-Water Link

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Marriage Of Coal And Water In Arizona Renews Vows

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Interactive Map: Indian Water Rights in the Colorado River Basin

Native American tribes are emerging leaders in the drying basin.

Contemplating Water’s Future in a Dry Arizona Riverbed

A sunrise photoshoot in the drying Colorado River Basin leads to more than images -- Circle of Blue director J. Carl Ganter's meeting with Governor Stephen Lewis of the Gila River Indian Community.Circle of Blue Director J. Carl Ganter met with Governor Stephen Lewis of the Gila River Indian Community in the drying Colorado River Basin.

In Drying Colorado River Basin, Indian Tribes Are Water Dealmakers

Native Americans hold 20 percent of the basin's water rights. How they use their water will shape the future of the Southwest.

Colorado River Basin Conservation Agreements Take Shape

States look to delay mandatory water restrictions and preserve…