Peter Gleick: Climate Change, Disbelief, and the Collision between Human and Geologic Time

Geologic time scales are long – too long for the human mind to really comprehend. Over millions, and tens of millions, and hundreds of millions of years, the Earth has changed from something unrecognizable to the planet we see on maps, plastic globes, and photos from space.

Peter Gleick: When Beliefs Conflict with Facts

Representative Jim Costa and the California Drought

Peter Gleick: The California Drought (2007-2009) – Myth Versus Reality

It has been a wet year. Very wet. But remember the drought? California…

Peter Gleick: California’s Next One Million Acre-Feet of Water

This is a key time for California water: we are coming off of three years of serious drought and growing political conflict over water allocations.

Flooding Kills Hundreds in Pakistan

Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan have caused rivers to overflow—triggering landslides, destroying villages and blocking rescue efforts.

Floods in Myanmar and Bangladesh Displace Thousands, Dozens Dead

Thousands are left homeless along the Naf River border of Bangladesh and Myanmar due to flash floods.

Flooding Inundates Southern China

Economic and human losses soar as heavy rainfall continues in Southern China.

Poland Endures Second Round of Flooding of the Vistula River

Only two of Poland's 16 regions remain untouched by floodwaters.

Drought in South China is Worst in Decades

Parts of southern China are being ravaged by a severe three-season drought. Millions of people lack adequate water supplies, and millions of acres of cropland are too dry to plant.

Coastal Fog Trend Could Harm Iconic Redwoods

New study finds that lower levels of fog could leave coast redwoods more susceptible to drought damage. Reduced amounts of fog cover during the summer could be troublesome for the coast redwoods.

Drought in Australia Connected to Snowfall in Antarctica, Researchers Find

Relationship between Australia's drought and Antarctica's increased snowfall offers clues to human contribution to global warming. Scientists have linked a severe, decades-old drought in Australia to increased snowfall in East Antarctica.