Infographic: Price of Water in 30 Major U.S. Cities (2010-2015)

Cities raise rates to pay for repairs and to respond to conservation. The…

Price of Water 2015: Up 6 Percent in 30 Major U.S. Cities; 41 Percent Rise Since 2010

As urban water use declines, utilities change business models. Graphic…

Central Texas Drought Is Worst on Record

Competition for water prompts a quest for new sources.

The Price of Water 2013: Up Nearly 7 Percent in Last Year in 30 Major U.S. Cities; 25 Percent Rise Since 2010

Utilities tinker with rate structures designed to stabilize revenue.
Texas Drought

Dried Up: Texas Industry and Residents Square Off Over Water as Drought Continues

With nearly 65 percent of Texas experiencing exceptional drought, water is becoming increasingly precious—and scarce—in a state that has to divide the resource between the growing appetites of farmers, city residents, and energy corporations.
Information Graphic Freshwater Withdrawal by Country

Infographic: Freshwater Withdrawal by G7 Country

This visualization visually and physically describes the freshwater withdrawal per capita from the G7 and another nation.