Severe Drought Grips Bolivia

Failed rains, shrinking glaciers, and growing demands from cities, agriculture, and mining put pressure on Bolivia's water supplies.

Infographic: Lake Titicaca Contends With Water Pollution and Climate Change

Receding glaciers, growing cities, and expanding agriculture threaten the highest navigable lake in the world.

The Stream, August 31: Hurricane Isaac Causes Shipping Headaches on Mississippi

Hurricane Isaac Hurricane Isaac, which hit land Tuesday evening…
Soup and Sustenance in the Mountains of Bolivia

Ned Breslin: Soup and Sustenance in the Mountains of Bolivia

Microloans and payment plans help the trickle-down economics of water infrastructure installation.

Ned Breslin: Shifting Gears — Promoting Potential, Not Poverty, Is Positive Pledge for World Water Day

We need a mind shift this World Water Day; a transformation in how we think about and the approach we take to getting the message out to the world about water on this one day. And the shift is long overdue.

The Stream, March 2: Where Did The Brahmaputra River’s Water Go?

As water levels dropped three meters (10 feet) in India's Brahmaputra…
NASA Satellite image of Lake Poyang

Pollution, Dry Weather Choke the World’s Major Lakes

Urban waste and falling water levels signaled a rough start to…

The Stream, January 13: Water Pollution Looms In Lake Titicaca

Growing urban populations, poor infrastructure and unenforced…

The Stream, March 3: South Africa’s Energy Mix

Members of South Africa's Parliament are pushing for the country…

The Stream, February 8: Food for Thought

Crop shortages are just another ingredient in an explosive mix…

UN to Vote on Declaring Water a Human Right

The United Nations General Assembly will begin debating, and possibly vote on, a contentious and historic right-to-water resolution today.

Indigenous Groups in Ecuador Protest Water Reform Bill

The water legislation would consolidate too much power in the hands of the government, protesters say.