Eliminating the Buffer Zone: Colorado’s High Park Fire Has Water Agencies on Alert

Because ash and debris from a large fire can wreak havoc on water supply infrastructure, utilities near the High Park fire have begun to shut off certain water intakes and are already planning to replant the forest.

Forecasting Western U.S. Water Supply in 2012: La Niña Again Delivers a Wet North and a Dry South

As water availability data starts coming in, this year's water allocations and the potential consequences for irrigation, hydropower, wildfires, and flooding are being assessed — La Niña weather patterns have returned this year, but water supply conditions generally are not as extreme as they were 2011.
Suns River Solar Still

Resurrecting an Old Desalination Technology to Test Desert Agriculture

At a U.S. desalination research facility this month, a 2,500-year-old…

The Stream, December 20: Water Rights Lawsuits

New Mexico is suing the federal government over water allocations…
Colorado River Basin
Lake Mead Water level Issues

Good Snow Season Triggers Bonus Water for Lake Mead

The reservoir is expected to rise nearly 30 feet, and power output at the Hoover Dam will increase as well.
Digital Controls Improve Energy Efficiency

Digital Controls Improve Energy Efficiency at Colorado River Dams: Davis, Hoover, Parker

Mechanical parts from the 1950s are being replaced with digital controls at three dams.

Arizona’s Gamble — Conserve Water Now, Prevent Deeper Cuts Tomorrow

For years, the state took as much water as it could from Lake Mead; now it plans to leave some in the reservoir.

More Water for Fish, NOAA Declares

In an 800-page report, federal officials issued a dire prediction for California’s salmon -- they’re just about out of water. The only solution: cut water usage in the Central Valley.

Water Allocations for Californian Farmers Increased, But Only Somewhat

Farmers south of California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta can expect to receive about 10 percent of their federally allocated water this spring, so says the U.S. Department of the Interior. That's up from zero, after heavy rain- and snow-fall in the Sierra's had the Bureau of Reclamation reassess earlier predictions Tuesday.

Can Colorado Bureaucrats Reincarnate their River?

While accepting a conservation award for his work in natural…

Utah mining corporation indicted for water pollution

Discharging selenium into watersheds remains a major problem…