Chicago Spearheads $7 Billion Plan to Fix Its Crumbling Infrastructure

Chicago’s $7 Billion Plan to Fix Crumbling Infrastructure

From expanding its largest airport to replacing century-old water…
Asian Carp Barrier Map

Study Outlines Plans to Stop Asian Carp at Chicago

Three proposals for separating the Great Lakes from the Mississippi…

The Stream, February 1: Reversing the Chicago River to Stop Asian Carp

United States Separating the Great Lakes from the Mississippi…

The Stream, December 1: Australia’s Coal-seam Gas Development

Australia's fast-growing coal-seam gas industry is a "relatively…
Top Ten Endangered Rivers

U.S. Conservation Group Releases Top 10 ‘Endangered Rivers’ Report

American Rivers' annual list highlights waterways with an immediate threat to their ecosystems.

Feds Pledge $47 Million To Asian Carp Fight; States Appeal Court Loss

Last week, the Obama Administration announced an updated plan, which included additional research but not closing the Chicago locks.

Great Lakes Threats Go Beyond Asian Carp, Invasive Expert Says

Dr. Reuben Keller calls for long-term solutions to protect the Great Lakes, and the Mississippi and Illinois rivers.

U.S. Gains Carp Czar, Court Hears Testimony on the Invasive Fish

The newly appointed czar says he's undecided on separating the infested Mississippi and Illinois rivers from Lake Michigan.

Asian Carp Case Goes to Court as Foundation Pledges $500,000 to Protect the Great Lakes

Invasive Asian carp make a surprise appearance on the Missouri River.

No Asian Carp Found in Latest Chicago-Area Fish Kill

Results reveal that the invasive species may not be as immediately threatening as certain local politicians and activists had previously argued.

Supreme Court Rejects Michigan’s Asian Carp Lawsuit

Michigan's Attorney General Mike Cox is “looking at other legal avenues” to pursue the carp battle.

Supreme Court Takes Second Look at Michigan’s Asian Carp Injunction

Will they reconsider a motion filed by Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox to block Asian carp from the Great Lakes?