Satellite details from July 19, 2016 showing wildfires and smoke blanketing parts of Siberia. NASA/JPL

Projecting Global Water Supplies With A New Tool

ISciences develops predictive model for anticipating water stress. The…

Peter Gleick: (Mis)Understanding Sea-Level Rise (SLR) and Climate Impacts

One of the most important and threatening risks of climate change is sea-level rise (SLR).

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Peter Gleick: The Real Climate Hoax

In all of the recent news about climate change, leaked emails, complex negotiations, and watered-down agreements in Copenhagen, one fact has't received enough attention. The climate "hoax" is real.

Analysis: U.S. Senator Inhofe’s Denier Rhetoric Not Heard in Copenhagen

The Obama administration revealed more commitments for climate action even as a U.S. naysayers, Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, touched down for a few hours in Copenhagen to deny that a problem existed at all.