Navajo Generating Station, a Union of Coal and Water, Shuts Down

The shutdown of Navajo Generating Station, which was planned for several years, also brought an end to a four-decade bond in Arizona between a coal plant and water-supply infrastructure.

Great Lakes Region Pivots From Fossil Fuels

In shift from coal and oil, water use and quality hang in the balance.

Map: U.S. Coal-Fired Power Plants Ranked By Water Pollution

Report identifies worst offenders by discharges of arsenic, lead, and mercury.

Big Banks Finance Water-Damaging, Climate-Warming Energy Projects

Despite commitment to reduce national emissions, development banks spend $US billions on coal-fired power plants.

Water-Related Risks Strand $Billions in Energy, Mining, Power Projects

Droughts, floods, and civic opposition cause huge losses.

South Africa Locks Onto Coal Despite Water Risks, Grim Market Trends

Demand and prices steadily slip, causing economic and political turbulence.

Drought Pushes South Africa To Water, Energy, and Food Reckoning

Cities run dry and harvests retreat in an already reeling nation. Photo…

2015 Biggest Trends: Water Scarcity Rises to Top Global Concern

After a year of deep droughts, worsening pollution, rising sea…

South African Power Plants Roiled By Water Scarcity and Global Pivot Away From Carbon

Bankruptcies, project shutdowns, regulation, and emission limits…

Analysis: India Seen As Vital Player at Paris Climate Conference

Opportunity to shift from coal to cleaner energy is real and needed.

China’s Early Pivot Away From Carbon

World’s largest coal consumer's big challenge to lower climate-changing…

Australia Coal Mines Prompt Concerns about Groundwater and Climate

Mining Queensland’s ample coal seams will require a lot of…