Biden Administration Outlines Options for Colorado River Emergency Plan

Arizona, California, and Nevada could lose up to a quarter of water deliveries combined next year if conditions are bad.

What Happens If Glen Canyon Dam’s Power Shuts Off?

Lake Powell is drying behind one of the Southwest’s largest hydropower plants.

Colorado River Forecasts Not a ‘Crystal Ball’

Computer models inform key decisions in the Colorado River basin. But they cannot predict the future.

Shrinking Reservoirs Trigger Deeper Water Cuts for Lower Colorado River

Federal government declares, for the first time, a Tier 1 shortage due to low water at Lake Mead.

The Colorado River Basin’s Daunting New Math

The basin's big reservoirs have fallen to uncharted territory. The forecast isn't any better.

Amid Dire Colorado River Outlook, States Plan to Tap Their Lake Mead Savings Accounts

Arizona and California intend to draw on water they banked in the big reservoir, even as water levels drop.

Colorado River Indian Tribes Take Another Step Toward Marketing Valuable Water in Arizona

The Colorado River Indian Tribes unveiled draft legislation to allow their water to be leased to users in Arizona off the reservation or stored underground.

Remarkable Drop in Colorado River Water Use a Sign of Climate Adaptation

Use of Colorado River water in the three states of the river’s lower basin fell to a 33-year low in 2019.

Navajo Generating Station, a Union of Coal and Water, Shuts Down

The shutdown of Navajo Generating Station, which was planned for several years, also brought an end to a four-decade bond in Arizona between a coal plant and water-supply infrastructure.

With Water Leasing Vote, Colorado River Indian Tribes Will Seek Consequential Legal Change

Having gained an endorsement from its members, a tribe with one of the largest and most secure claims to water in the Colorado River basin will seek approval from Congress to lease water for use off of its riverside reservation.

Manmade Flood Gives Life to Colorado River Delta

A battered ecosystem begins to recover. By Brett Walton,…

Conservation Prevents Colorado River Shortage Declaration

Lake Mead forecast to remain above shortage trigger in 2017. By…