Feds Propose River Temperature Limits to Protect Salmon in Pacific Northwest

EPA seeks to keep Columbia and Lower Snake rivers from cooking…

The Stream, September 12: French Utility Experiments With Income-based Water Rates

French utility Suez Environnement will charge residents in Dunkirk,…

Forecasting Western U.S. Water Supply in 2012: La Niña Again Delivers a Wet North and a Dry South

As water availability data starts coming in, this year's water allocations and the potential consequences for irrigation, hydropower, wildfires, and flooding are being assessed — La Niña weather patterns have returned this year, but water supply conditions generally are not as extreme as they were 2011.

Pacific Institute Report: Setbacks and Solutions of Water-Energy Clash in U.S. Intermountain West

At the forefront of a national trend, this region is already suffering from intense conflicts that willy only worsen with climate change and population growth. However, the report also highlights several ways to dramatically reduce the water requirements for electricity generation.

Peter Gleick: Rainbow Waters, Fishing for Hope

I flyfish. Infrequently and badly. But as any unsuccessful…

World’s Largest Rivers Are Losing Water, New Study Says

One-third of the 925 rivers analyzed from 1948 to 2004 have showed “significant changes” in water levels.