California Mobile Home Park Residents Face Barriers to Clean Water

Study finds more frequent service cuts and dirtier water in trailer…
A coal loader eats away at a mountain of black coal at the Port of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. In 2011, the mines, trains, and coal loading terminals here shipped about 114 million metric tons of coal on about 1,000 freighters, bringing billions of dollars in export earnings.

Global Energy Demand Driving Australia’s Coal and Gas Export Boom

International demand and new technologies push nation to the top for hydrocarbon exports. But massive production has also created worries over water.

The Stream, March 2: Shale Uncovered

In the next chapter of its gas drilling series, The New York…

Q&A: Solomon’s Water

Water weaves through history, giving rise to conflict, collapses and creation in civilizations. In his latest book, WATER: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization, economic journalist Steven Solomon examines the economic and social relationship between people and water.

NYC Seeks to Ban Gas Drilling Within the City’s Watershed

Fracking could contaminate New York’s unfiltered water supply and require costly filtration, report says.

Epilogue from Steve Solomon’s Water The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization

The close of economic journalist Steven Solomon's book is a reflection on the new meaning of water given today's scarcity crisis. Solomon connects freshwater's past and present to paint a future, and potentially very unstable picture of human civilization. By redefining facets of this precious resource, however, he presents the foundation of finding global solutions.

Peter Gleick: What the Frack? Poisoning Water for Energy Profits

Injecting water, chemicals, and sand to "frack" the gas from shale rock formations.

Nuclear Fallout: Nevada Takes Hard Look at Contaminated Groundwater From Historic Testing Grounds

The Yucca Flat area of the Nevada Test Site is scarred with subsidence craters from underground nuclear testing[/caption]Decades of nuclear weapons testing has contaminated an estimated 1.6 trillion gallons of groundwater in the Nevada desert, a region where clean water is scarce and getting scarcer.

Waukesha’s Water Woes Herald Test of Great Lakes Compact

Milwaukee Water for Sale? Waukesha’s Water Woes Herald Test of Great Lakes CompactThe Great lakes Compact may be put to the test soon as the city of Waukesha, Wisconsin seeks permission to tap Lake Michigan's water supply.

Map: Oil Pipelines and Vegetation in the Niger Delta

Nigeria has been pumping vast amounts of oil since the 1950s. This map shows the oil fields, pipelines, and terminals in relation to the Niger Delta's main cities and its differing types of vegetation, from swamplands to rainforests.

War on Water: A Clash Over Oil, Power and Poverty in the Niger Delta

Thousands Search for Fresh Water, Food in a Monumentally Contaminated War Zone

NYT: Farm Runoff is Polluting Nearby Residents’ Water Wells

Runoff, often from cow manure spread on grain fields, can result in parasites and bacteria seeping into drinking water.A New York Times investigation into worsening U.S. water pollution details how unregulated farm runoff is poisoning people's wells.