Slideshow: Water On The Prairie

North Dakota’s prairie pothole wetlands are under threat from rapid oil and agricultural development.

Infographic: World Food Supplies Concentrated in Brazil, China, Europe, India, and United States

The amount of food in storage around the world is on the rise, but stocks are still historically low.
Thanksgiving turkey feast global food grain supply Aubrey Ann parker circle of Blue

Thanksgiving: World Food Entree and Water News On The Side

Sharing the table with a discussion of global grain supplies.
A South American drought keeps global grain reserves tight, but it could mean good things for North American corn producers.

World Food Supplies Recover From Drought and Reach 15-Year High

Water scarcity and extreme weather are two reasons that food prices will stay high, however.

One Year After Historic Drought, Good News From U.S. Corn Belt

A record harvest adds a new twist to the global food stocks roller…

Global Grain Reserves Are Low; Legacy of U.S. Drought

Dwindling water supplies, low grain supplies, high prices for bread, meat, milk are outcomes of one of the worst droughts in the American history.

All Wet – A Stormy Spring Stymies Farmers in the U.S. Midwest

In much of the Corn Belt, too much rain has left fields too soggy…

The Stream, April 19: Drought-hit Midwest Pummeled by Rains

Drought Relief Farm fields across the Midwestern United States…

Report: From Steak to Cereal, U.S. Drought Inflates Food Prices

U.S. consumers have just started to feel the effects of last summer’s drought at the supermarket. Prices are expected to continue increasing throughout 2013.

The Stream, January 18: The Xayaburi Dam, Water Rationing, and Argentine Corn

Rivers Vietnam and Cambodia urged Laos to halt its controversial…

The Stream, January 16: Droughts and Floods Pose Public Health Risks

Public Health Floods linked to climate change, along with the…

The Stream, November 20: Greenhouse Gases Record High in 2011

According to the BBC the World Meteorological Organization's…