Michigan Lawmakers Regroup in Human Right to Water Effort

Republican support will be needed for the Democratic proposal. By…
Music lovers congregate at Hart Plaza Fountain in downtown Detroit during the Movement Electronic MusMusic lovers congregate at Hart Plaza Fountain in downtown Detroit during the Movement Electronic Music Festival in May 2012.ic Festival in May 2012.

What an Emergency Manager Might Mean for Detroit’s Water Utility

There are many questions and few conclusions right now about…

Clean, Affordable Water is a Problem in This Country

While almost everyone in the United States has clean, reliable…

The Stream, August 9: Where Groundwater Is Running Dry

photos of the disaster. Where Groundwater Is Running Dry The…
Keweenaw Peninsula, Sand Point, L’Anse, Michigan, mine pollution, mine legacy, Lake Superior, stamp sands, copper, copper mining

Photo Slideshow: Tar Sands Oil Refinery Burdens a Detroit Community

Residents face the environmental and health consequences of a Marathon refinery expansion.

Photo Slideshow: A Desperate Clinch — Coal Production Across America

A look at the places and faces affected by coal production in the United States.

Pipeline Ties Detroit Refinery to “Dirtiest Source of Fossil Fuels”

State department says oil is needed; Congress leader joins activists in raising concerns.

The Price of Water: A Comparison of Water Rates, Usage in 30 U.S. Cities

"For more than 20 years industry has been moving south looking for cheaper labor, I'm hoping that now they'll start coming back looking for cheaper water."

Bid to Protect Michigan’s Groundwater Draws Opposition, Praise

A proposed bill that declares Michigan’s groundwater a “public trust” has set off a storm of controversy, with opponents claiming that the legislation would expose property owners to new state fees.

In Detroit: No Money, No Water

Water Department cuts connections to thousands of city’s poor.

Detroit Drinking More Than Its Share from River, says Ontario

HAMILTON, Ontario -- Detroit, Michigan's Motor City, has been…

Detroit’s Head Almost Above Water (and Sewer)

A troubled metropolitan water and sewer department that serves…