Michigan Supreme Court Case Could Strengthen Protection of State’s Lakes, Streams and Groundwater

An environmental group’s legal victory in the fight to block the dumping of water from a contaminated site into a popular Michigan fly-fishing stream may provide stronger legal protections for lakes and streams across the state.

Flooding Continues to Devastate Pakistan

Misery in Pakistan mounts as flooding hinders relief efforts; threatens to spread waterborne diseases.

Flooding Kills Hundreds in Pakistan

Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan have caused rivers to overflow—triggering landslides, destroying villages and blocking rescue efforts.

Cleanup Under Way on Major Midwest Oil Spill

A Canadian company caused several previous spills and was cited for violations for a leaking pipe.

Flooding Tests Three Gorges Dam, Pollutes Songhua River in China

Chemical pollution is the latest calamity as heavy rains continue to blanket the country with floods.

China’s Oil Spill Threatens International Waters

The world's largest energy consuming country is plagued by potential ecological damage.

Floods in Myanmar and Bangladesh Displace Thousands, Dozens Dead

Thousands are left homeless along the Naf River border of Bangladesh and Myanmar due to flash floods.

The Himalayas: A Special Report

Floods, droughts, wildfires, windstorms, water contamination and illnesses plague the 1.3 billion people who live in the watersheds directly supplied by glacial melt from the Hindu Kush-Himalaya region.

Flooding Inundates Southern China

Economic and human losses soar as heavy rainfall continues in Southern China.

More Houses Submerged as Water Levels Rise in Pakistan’s Attabad Lake

Officials have begun blasting boulders to expand the spillway of glacial melt.

Poland Endures Second Round of Flooding of the Vistula River

Only two of Poland's 16 regions remain untouched by floodwaters.

Glacial Melt Could Cause Tidal Wave in Pakistan

A tidal wave, reaching up to 60 meters high, is expected to race through the Hunza valley of the Himalayas.