Peter Gleick: California’s Next One Million Acre-Feet of Water

This is a key time for California water: we are coming off of three years of serious drought and growing political conflict over water allocations.

Peter Gleick: Bottled and Sold — What’s Really in our Bottled Water

One would think and expect that bottled water would be cleaner than our tap water. But is it?

Peter Gleick: What the Frack? Poisoning Water for Energy Profits

Injecting water, chemicals, and sand to "frack" the gas from shale rock formations.

Peter Gleick: Who Is Stealing California’s Water?

Someone is stealing our water. Many someones. But who and how much? No one knows today, mostly because the agency responsible for keeping an eye on water rights and use--the State Water Resources Control Board--is blind, deaf, and dumb. Blind, because they don't look. Deaf, because they don't listen to or act on most requests to investigate water rights allocations and use. Dumb, because they don't talk about these issues. "Asleep at the switch," as a colleague describes it.

Peter Gleick: Destroying our Libraries: A Water Story

Libary of Alexandria, Courtesy: 49 BC, parts of the priceless Library of Alexandria burned, when Julius Caesar set a fire to the Egyptian fleet in the harbor and the fire spread.