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Peter Gleick: Energy, Water, and Climate Change in the Western U.S.

A new analysis from the Pacific Institute evaluates the water…
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U.S. Defense Department Surpasses Water Conservation Goal, Misses Energy Targets

Several laws, executive orders, and directives guide the department’s conservation plans, but wartime operations can throw a wrench in the system.

The Stream, May 19: Arctic Waters

A leaked draft of the official strategy for the Arctic reveals…

Peter Gleick: Time for a “Cash for Water Clunkers” Program

The international water expert proposes a plan to ensure the long-term sustainability of the United States’ water resources.

Peter Gleick: Water Scofflaws — Go Soak your Heads (Under a Low-flow Showerhead)

After years of inaction, blatant and willful violations of federal law, and lack of enforcement by previous administrations, the U.S. Department of Energy has just announced that they intend to pursue enforcement actions against the manufacturers of water-using appliances that violate national water and energy savings laws that have been on the books for nearly 20 years.

Peter Gleick: Where to find one million acre-feet of water for California.

Californians have improved their efficiency of water use over the past 25 years. The state's economy and population have grown. But total water use has not grown, and per person, each Californian uses far less today. This improvement in efficiency has saved the state's collective rear end. So far.

New Technology Gives Thirsty Plants a Voice

sensor As many around the world anticipate the release of a new iPhone, plants in need of water are getting their own fancy gadget to “communicate” with their growers.