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U.S. Defense Department Surpasses Water Conservation Goal, Misses Energy Targets

Several laws, executive orders, and directives guide the department’s conservation plans, but wartime operations can throw a wrench in the system.
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China to Cap Energy Use by 2015 in National Low-Carbon Plan

The energy target will be the highlight of a document to come later this year, as well as a cornerstone of China's efforts to curb soaring greenhouse gas emissions, which currently stand at a quarter of the global total. Cutting coal consumption will inevitably also cut water use, as coal is China's largest industrial user of water.

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More than a billion people around the world will face severe…

The Stream, March 4: Water + Energy

With just a few days before China unveils its development plan…

Giving Our Choke Point The Heimlich Maneuver

In the U.S. a fifth of all energy may be consumed by water, and the biggest use of water – 42% by some estimates – is for energy.