The Stream, January 9: China Moves Forward With South-North Water Transfer Project

China has completed the tunnel under the Yellow River for the…

The Stream, December 26: Energy Use Across Europe

By 2100, global climate change will shift nearly 40 percent of…
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EIA Report: Global Energy Use To Grow 50 Percent by 2035 — Half of Increase from Fossil Fuels in China and India

The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently published its annual report on global energy projections. Though renewable energy sources and nuclear power, along with unconventional fossil fuels, will phase out coal production over the next two decades, it will not be at the pace necessary to offset greenhouse gas emissions
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China to Cap Energy Use by 2015 in National Low-Carbon Plan

The energy target will be the highlight of a document to come later this year, as well as a cornerstone of China's efforts to curb soaring greenhouse gas emissions, which currently stand at a quarter of the global total. Cutting coal consumption will inevitably also cut water use, as coal is China's largest industrial user of water.

Peter Gleick: How Much Water do YOU Use at Home?

A new tool for figuring out our home water and energy and greenhouse gas footprint.

Climate Change Burden-Sharing Must Not Compromise Developing World’s Growth, India’s PM

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with Barack Obama earlier this year.Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that developing countries will not compromise their financial growth for climate change, and that, instead, rich countries need to ensure access to clean technologies.