Algal Blooms Are No Accident For Florida Everglades and Estuaries

Political, financial, and ecological barriers block solutions in South Florida.

Toxic Algae Flourish As Everglades Solution Eludes Florida

The blooms plaguing coastal estuaries are a symptom of a system out of balance.

Everglades Restoration Program Pays Ranchers to Protect Water

A program that pays ranchers to use pastures as water-retention ponds could provide one-sixth of the water needed to restore the Everglades for a fraction of the cost of current treatments, according to program proponents.

Florida Passes U.S. Sugar Purchase

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Competition for sugar daddy: New bid may thwart government purchase of U.S. Sugar

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Sugarcane plant, production, to remain as bid to save Everglades is scaled back

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Everglades wrapped in red tape, significant restoration unlikely

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Everglades are one step closer to restoration, almost

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The River of Grass: Florida’s Everglades, clean energy, and sugar

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