The Stream, January 18: Commercial Agriculture Displaces Ethiopians

Agriculture The Ethiopian government is relocating thousands…

The Stream, November 1: Population Growth

As the global population hit 7 billion yesterday -- theoretically…

The Stream, April 13: Legal Matters

Dams in Brazil Despite calls for a moratorium, Brazil’s government…

Reservoir of Acidic Water Rises Beneath South Africa’s Largest City

Polluted groundwater has forced the South African government to scramble for solutions.

Great Lakes States Sue Federal Government Over Asian Carp Threat

The recent discovery of a live carp close to Lake Michigan may bolster the states’ case, legal expert says.

Environmental Groups Sue BP Under Clean Water Act

Landmark act could be used by the federal government to recover billions in fines, send people to jail.

Timeline: North American Bulk Water Sales

Bulk water has been attempted and banned around the world. Visualize the last decade of attempts in Sitka.

Clean Water Act Proposal Would Strengthen Federal Protection

Opponents call the proposal a federal power grab, while the bill's author says it would restore the original intent of the landmark water legislation.

Supreme Court Rejects Michigan’s Asian Carp Lawsuit

Michigan's Attorney General Mike Cox is “looking at other legal avenues” to pursue the carp battle.