Infographic: U.S. Surface Water Pollution by State

More than half of the country's lakes and rivers are not meeting water quality standards.

On the Value of Water and the Pain of Drought in the American West

Circle of Blue reporter Brett Walton says that drought is forcing…

The Stream, June 6: Pakistan’s Kashmir Hydropower Project

Asia Pakistan's plans to divert 86 percent of the Neelum River's…

The Stream, March 2: Where Did The Brahmaputra River’s Water Go?

As water levels dropped three meters (10 feet) in India's Brahmaputra…
NASA Satellite image of Lake Poyang

Pollution, Dry Weather Choke the World’s Major Lakes

Urban waste and falling water levels signaled a rough start to…
Public Art Purple Pipe

Mixing Art and Technology: North America’s Largest Membrane-filtration Sewage Plant Opens Near Seattle

The $1.8 billion Brightwater facility, 10 miles northeast of Seattle, eschews old notions of what a sewage plant is. State-of-the-art membrane technology produces reusable water, a trail system allows outdoor recreation, and wetlands give salmon a place to spawn.
Infographic: Map of Pollution Levels in China

Infographic: Map of Pollution Levels in China’s Major River Basins

The seven major river basins, as a whole, have had steady improvements in water quality over the past decade.

Asian Carp — On the Docket in D.C. and Chicago; On the Menu in Michigan

Federal judge rejects Asian carp injunction as Congress passes a ban on their import.

New Project Resurrects Hope for Dying Aral Sea

“Good news – the mother sea is coming,” says a sign hanging…

An Elder’s Prayer for The River

Fish Come Back Dead Red Gum trees, Lake Pamamaroo near Menindee. by…

Fish to Celebrate Centennial Removal of Dilapidated Dam

After one hundred years of frustrated swimming, finned species…

Fishes and loaves: Miracle needed to restore Sea of Galilee

Water levels in the Sea of Galilee are at their lowest level…