Central Europe: Flood Defenses and Responses Yield Mixed Results

The second bout of massive flooding in little more than a decade…
Food Floods Flooding 2011 Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Philippines Laos Rice Maize Corn Crop

UN Report: Floods Threaten Southeast Asia Food Crisis, Disrupt Thai Car Industry

With hundreds of deaths, thousands of damaged hectares, and millions of refugees, this year's fall flooding has equated to a devastating wet season.
North Korea Food Crisis

Differing Views On North Korea’s Food Crisis

Torrential rains, heavy summer floods, and typhoons have compounded North Korea’s dysfunctional food-distribution system, leaving millions — including many children — in danger of malnutrition, according to some media outlets and humanitarian-aid groups. But others contend that additional analysis is necessary to verify the circumstances.
Hurricane Irene

Watered Down: Hurricane Irene Renews Debates About U.S. Budget and Climate Change

Hurricane Irene killed at least 40 people, caused billions of dollars in damages, and cut power to nearly 8 million homes and businesses as the storm moved from the Caribbean through the East Coast of the United States last week. But while financial analysts and members of Congress focus on who and how much to pay for recovery, climate experts are pointing out holes in the system.
Map Weather Extremes Floods Droughts Tornados

Weather Extremes: Floods, Droughts, Tornadoes, and Extreme Heat Plague Much of U.S.

Extreme weather events in 2011 have been numerous and diverse, prompting some analysts to link the natural disasters to climate change. Most recently, many states are under exceptional-drought and extreme-heat advisories.
An aerial view of an intentional breach in levee L-575 near Hamburg, Iowa, June 20. The intentional breach was created by the local sponsor and approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers following a full breach of the levee June 13. The intentional breach was conducted by the sponsor to delay the time in which the area behind the levee would flood. The levee is located at River Mile 552 in Atchison County, Mo. (U.S. Army Photo)

Water Continues to Rise: Floods Rage in States along Missouri River

Towns from Montana to Iowa are bracing for flood waters as heavy rains fall across the region and warm temperatures melt record snowfall.
Mississippi Flooding

Waiting on High Waters — Louisiana Prepares for the Mississippi Flood (Updated 5/16)

Emergency spillways will be used to shepherd the river to the sea.
Japan Disaster Water Supply

After Earthquake, Millions in Japan Without Water—Extent of Damage to Water Infrastructure Unknown

Myriad obstacles, from roads to snow to a nuclear crisis, hamstring rescue and recovery missions.

Cholera in Haiti — The Climate Connection

Researchers explain the correlation between environmental interactions and human health, as reported infections climb to 10,000 cases.

Flood-Devastated Benin Requests Millions for Emergency Aid

Torrential rains threaten to plunge the West African nation into crisis.

Climate Extremes Will Strain UK Agriculture

New report shows that U.K. farming faces changing and more variable climate.

Hungary Calls Emergency after Toxic Spill

Toxic leak in the Central European country threatens to reach a major international waterway.