Water Scarcity, Public Protest Slow Foreign Farmland Purchases

New GRAIN study finds changed conditions in international “land grabs.”

Slowly, With Earth Pushing Hard, A Confederacy Of Concern Develops

Circle of Blue Senior Editor Keith Schneider discusses how new energy-efficient, water-conserving, land-protecting operating principles are slowly becoming priorities around the world.

Infographic: World Food Supplies Concentrated in Brazil, China, Europe, India, and United States

The amount of food in storage around the world is on the rise, but stocks are still historically low.
Thanksgiving turkey feast global food grain supply Aubrey Ann parker circle of Blue

Thanksgiving: World Food Entree and Water News On The Side

Sharing the table with a discussion of global grain supplies.

Report: Australia’s Groundwater Is Worth Billions

A new study finds that Australia’s groundwater contributes more to GDP than some industries.

Water a Key Issue as Developing Countries Drive Growth in Global Food Production

Growing agricultural sectors pose problems for water management…

The Stream, April 17: Vietnam Farms and Dams Compete for Water Amid Drought

Water-Food-Energy A drought in Vietnam has uncovered tensions…

The Stream, March 20: Water Security Threats in Asia and the Pacific

Asia and the Pacific Lack of access to safe water in Pacific…

Director of National Intelligence: Water Still a U.S. National Security Concern

The U.S. intelligence community reiterates that the basic necessities…

The Stream, March 6: More Than 1 Million Syrian Refugees

There are now more than 1 million Syrians either registered as…

The Stream, January 18: The Xayaburi Dam, Water Rationing, and Argentine Corn

Rivers Vietnam and Cambodia urged Laos to halt its controversial…

2012 Was Hot, Dry and Energy-Shifty in the U.S.

The data confirm it. Last year broke records for temperature…