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U.S. Defense Department Surpasses Water Conservation Goal, Misses Energy Targets

Several laws, executive orders, and directives guide the department’s conservation plans, but wartime operations can throw a wrench in the system.

Q&A: Josh Fox on the ‘Toxification’ of U.S. Water Sources in the Dig for Natural Gas

The documentary “Gasland" has shown at film festivals and on HBO.

EPA Greenhouse Gas Ruling Could Lead To Stricter Emissions Standards

EPA Chief says the agency has been fighting to make up for lost time on its climate change policies. A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ruling that greenhouse gases pose a public health threat has set the stage for new emission regulations while setting off a battle in Congress and howls of protest from industry groups.

White House and Pentagon pressure EPA to ignore dangers of rocket fuel in tap water

WASHINGTON - It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out…