Waukesha Great Lakes Diversion Approved

Governors vote to allow Wisconsin city to use Lake Michigan water in first exception to binational agreement.

Waukesha Awaits Great Lakes Water Diversion Decision

Approval of Wisconsin city’s request for Lake Michigan water is first test of bi-national agreement.

Waukesha Another Step Closer To Great Lakes Water

A regional committee found that the city meets the requirements for an out-of-basin diversion, with conditions.
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Binational Commission Calls For Public Trust Framework For Great Lakes

States and provinces have made significant strides to prevent…

A Discussion With Lana Pollack, U.S. Chair of the International Joint Commission

Lana Pollack, U.S. Chair of the IJC, talks with Circle of Blue last month in Chicago about some of the most pressing issues in the Great Lakes region.
Data provided by the City of Waukesha and given to Circle of Blue by Steve Edlund show clearly that water levels in the City’s deep aquifer supply are rising, not falling as Waukesha officials assert in an application to draw its water from the Great Lakes.

In Apparent Contradiction, Data Shows Waukesha’s Groundwater Levels Rising, Not Falling

City’s case for diverting Great Lakes Water appears significantly weakened.
Waukesha considered and then drawing its drinking water from the Fox River due to cost, health and environmental issues.

Waukesha Presses First Test of Great Lakes Water Compact

Drinking Water Diversion Proposed For Out Of Basin City

Water Law: Public Trust May Be Fresh Approach to Protecting Great Lakes

Canadian and American advocates join to promote big oversight idea of the "commons."

Congress, Michigan Legislature Asked to Fix Leaks in Great Lakes Compact

It’s been more than a year since eight states agreed to prevent large-scale diversions from the Great Lakes, the most abundant source of clean freshwater on the planet. The passage of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact, completed after ten years of campaigning by public interest organizations, legislative leaders, and governors of both parties, was meant to permanently secure the globally significant storehouse of water contained in the Great Lakes.

Waukesha’s Water Woes Herald Test of Great Lakes Compact

Milwaukee Water for Sale? Waukesha’s Water Woes Herald Test of Great Lakes CompactThe Great lakes Compact may be put to the test soon as the city of Waukesha, Wisconsin seeks permission to tap Lake Michigan's water supply.

Cashing in on Water: Small Business Owner Capitalizes on Controversial Commodity

COPPERAS COVE, Texas -- As water becomes an increasingly political…

Compact Impact: Great Lakes Legislation Now Active

As the Great Lakes Compact goes into effect to protect Midwest…