Clock Ticks for Water Utilities to Join National PFAS Settlements

Decision needed soon for funds to remove toxic chemicals from drinking water.
The European frog-bit looks like a little lily pad and lives in shallow waters. Image: Shelby Bauer, Huron Pines

Control for Frog-bit and Water Soldiers

New strategy for limiting the spread of exotic water plants…

Michigan Tribes Fight Long Odds to Restore Wild Rice, Their History

Michigan’s wild rice has dwindled due to dams, wetlands loss, industry and climate change
Invasive carp commercial fishing trip at Starved Rock

Bubbles and Electricity Designed to Deter Invasive Carp From Lake Michigan

Des Plaines River is a site of new impediments to voracious species By…

Road Salt, A Stealthy Pollutant, Is Damaging Michigan Waters

Rivers and lakes are becoming saltier while law and practice limit effective responses.