Ned Breslin: Lasting Coverage — Retooling the WASH Model’s “Beneficiary” Indicators (Part II)

So if “beneficiaries” are a terrible indicator of success in the international water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector, then what should take their place?
Billions & Billions Served

Ned Breslin: Counted Like Sheep — Retooling the WASH Model’s “Beneficiary” Indicators (Part I)

I hate the word “beneficiary.” Beneficiary is a misleading indicator and driver of development assistance.

Ned Breslin: Keep it Flowing -- Rethinking Community Water Management

A subtle but important trend in the water sector is only now starting to emerge in developing nations.

Q&A: Ned Breslin on Rethinking Hydro-Philanthropy in Water Aid

There’s often a major disconnect between good intentions and long-term positive change, especially in an era of turmoil where philanthropy can sometimes do more harm than good.