Peter Gleick: Is Some California Water Use Unconstitutional?

As of now, Sacramento has some new rules about water use.

Peter Gleick: Zero or All? What's Really Happening in the Central Valley?

centralvalley Here is a short post, with two Water Numbers, and a request for real information if readers have it.

Peter Gleick: The Number of New Dams Built in California is Not Zero

Californians love (or hate) to fight about water in part because there are no easy solutions left.

Peter Gleick: Salt from Water: The Question of Energy

desalplant Following up on my last post, on the cost of desalination,

Peter Gleick: Salt from Water, Money from Pockets?

salt There is always a lot of interest in desalination. I hear it when I give public talks on global and local water issues; I see it in some responses to my blog posts that believe desalination should be much more aggressively pursued

Peter Gleick: We Need a "Local Water" Movement

tapwater More and more restaurateurs are shifting to encourage healthy foods and sustainable agriculture grown nearby - a campaign many call "local food." It is time to launch what I'll call a "local water"